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Suitable Pun-ishment

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/3 (Comics)

Busy at the moment. I'll add some further comments later, but for now, enjoy the new comic.

EDIT: Alright, I'm back. Things are certainly heating up in today's comic, aren't they?


So I was thinking last night, and I came up with a bit of an interesting idea. I love music. Specifically, soundtracks. I own soundtracks from pretty much every movie that I've enjoyed within the past 5 years. And if there's one thing I love to do with my own creative works, it's assigning the music to certain situations or characters that I've written. Nine times out of ten, this really helps me write the overall story.

Now, here's your chance to help inspire me a little. Tell me what songs you think fit in this comic. What would Lana's theme sound like to you? Or Aldran's? Or anyone's? Imagine that you've just been put in charge of coming up with the Anti-Heroes soundtrack. What would you use?

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A Shock-ing Decision

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/5 (Comics)

And here's another page and a half for you. I'd say more, but I need to get going pretty soon.

EDIT: As for those who posted their musical opinions on the last comic, I was glad to see it. This is, by no means, a way of me saying "it's over." If anyone has any other ideas for fitting music, then let me hear them. And don't worry if you think it's too "serious," since I write out most of the plot in a very serious manner before ever even thinking about jokes. Tongue

In fact, most of my own musical choices are pretty serious in of themselves. And I figure it's only fair to show you a few of my picks, so here they are. I was going to post these with the comic, but ran into some issues with my formatting, and didn't have the time to fix it, so I edited them out. I see at least one person saw it before I took it down, though. Tongue

Recently, I got my hands on the Death Note anime soundtrack, so I've had that stuck in the forefront a lot, but one that I find particularly fitting as a sort of theme tune for the Anti-Heroes in general (or possibly Aldran, in some ways) is L's theme B ( ). Next, I definitely see Low of Solipsism ( ) as a theme for the "god" of the Ivory Veil. And speaking of the Veil, I hold a very special kind of theme for Zurie, that being Citadel of the Bount ( ) from the second Bleach soundtrack. Or any of the other similar sounding songs on the same soundtrack, as well. Another song I like to associate with her is Quincy's Craft ( ). I'd list a few more, but I need some more time to think about them.

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Looks Like Her Plan Fell Through

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/7 (Comics)

Our resident vampire is really having a tough time, ain't she?

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I Ran Out of Puns

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/10 (Comics)


As a side note, Anti-Heroes was referenced by Rutskan on his blog story Vatsy and Bruno, which you can find by clicking the link below. It's a small reference, but an amusing one nonetheless. The entire story is pretty good in of itself too, so check it out if you want.

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They're Getting Better At This Entrance Thing

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/12 (Comics)

Well, he almost had it.

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Always On The Move

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/14 (Comics)

Just a heads up for everyone: I'll be heading home for a week, which unfortunately leaves my comic-making here at school. I have one more comic already made and ready to go, which I will update on Tuesday with, but after that it's anybody's guess. I have some ideas for some filler material that I can use for Thursday and Saturday, and maybe even get a guest comic up or something. Either way, I'll try to update something on those two days, but I figured I should just let everyone know that it could be some filler material.

In any event, enjoy today's comic and I'll see everyone on Tuesday.

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Just Like a Sledgehammer

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/17 (Comics)

And remember, everyone, the next two updates are going to be filler material. I'll still try and make it as entertaining as possible, but I doubt I'll be able to please everyone's tastes. Tongue

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Notes of Laris Ardenwood: Life as a Vampire

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/19 (Comics)

Alright. Like I said before; fillers. I decided to take a time out and look back on Laris' notes he made during his time as a vampire. Ever wonder how he learned to become such a great hunter? Well, maybe these notes can help give some insight...

...Probably not, though.

His notes will continue on Saturday.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it's my birthday today, for anyone who wants to know. So, yeah. Tongue

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Notes of Laris Ardenwood: New Plans

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/21 (Comics)

First of all, thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys! I certainly appreciate it. Very happy

Secondly, I'm glad to see the fillers have been accepted as well as they are. Being a Bleach fan, I know there's a lot of people out there who when hearing the word "filler" start to ooze liquid hate from every orifice. So in short, I'm happy to see you enjoying them.

So here's another for today. But fear not, because the normal comic should be making its triumphant return on Tuesday. Until then, I leave you with some more of Laris' notes.

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We All Are

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/24 (Comics)

We now return to your regularly scheduled webcomic. So this probably wasn't as triumphant a return as a lot of you were expecting, but don't worry, the resolution is coming soon.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go play some more Order of Ecclesia while restraining the urge to snap my DS in half.

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And That's Why We Have the FDA

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/26 (Comics)

You know, Aldran could make a great professional chef, like Emeril. Of course, when Emeril says "bam," things don't explode.

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A Harsh Goodbye

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/28 (Comics)

This is the real reason morphine was created. No, really.

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