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Failed sneak check, failed sense motive check, just not her day

posted by A on 2014/9/5 (Comics)

Sorry for the day late all, wanted to make sure a background gag was clear! Enjoy. And please remember to keep it civil in the comments. There is no need to insult each other for differences in opinion. (Unless someone insults Rush. Alex, Geddy, and Neal are geniuses and rock gods without peer. all blasphemers WILL be fed to the Red Star)

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Well, She Can, but She Shouldn't

posted by Chris on 2014/9/16 (Comics)

Good afternoon all! It's Dyluthus here and we have a special Tuesday edition of anti-HEROES and a trip back to the seaside inn.

Enjoy Happy

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All together, right?

posted by A on 2014/9/18 (Comics)

And last minute Thursday update to try and catch us up a bit! A couple more and then we have a SPECIAL treat for you to finish out the Heroes and Laris arc. Time for some performance checks!

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