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posted by Chris on 2014/2/6 (Comics)

Hello hello, it's Dyluthus here with another Thursday instalment of anti-HERO'S, featuring a get together of rogue's, a modern day mystery and a dark flashback sequence.


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Burned in her memory

posted by A on 2014/2/13 (Comics)

And now that the DM knows her backstory, they are COMPLETELY in rights, especially with the whole, you know, vampire things, to institute a phobia of fire. Amiright? You should know better than to let the DM give you backstory!

Ahem, anyways, Pen here, presenting this weeks anti-HEROES. Enjoy!

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posted by Chris on 2014/2/27 (Comics)

Hey everyone, it's Dyluthus here, it's Thursday night and it's anti-HEROES time! Sit back and enjoy the latest instalment with Kaal & Keriss still in search of Lana, albeit with different levels of enthusiasm Happy

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