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Off for a week, Hit the Beach!

posted by A on 2012/9/7 (Comics)

Hey all, sorry about the break. Dyluth is fighting the creepie cruds (and I don't mean minecraft). So in the meantime, here's a beach pinup he did earlier this summer. Enjoy! We hope to get a comic up sooner than Thursday and get you a double update next week, but no promises!

In the meantime, go read Wandering Ones! Awesome comic, and lots of back issues to slog through.

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Exit, Stage Left, Even!

posted by A on 2012/9/11 (Comics)

Hey all, thanks for waiting! On to our next adventure!

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I'm Sure It's Nothing

posted by A on 2012/9/21 (Comics)

Happy Friday morning to you all! I apologize for the late posting, but hey, anti-HEROES to kick start your weekend, am I right?

We here at anti-HEROES would like to spend a moment to wish a speedy recover to Rich Burlew. Should anyone here actually NOT know who he is, he is the author and artist of Order of the Stick. He damaged his hand considerably last week, and is out of commission. Drop by and buy something, if you have the ability! The delay is going to hurt him, we're sure.

The use of his logo on the rock was planned out a month ago, so the timing of us talking about him, and the GITP logo being used, is coincidental.


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Now She Tells Us...

posted by Chris on 2012/9/28 (Comics)

Here we are on Friday with our slightly late new comic for Thursday. What makes this weeks installment all the more special is the fact that we have the first of many cameo's by fans of the comic who volunteered over at the GitP forums.

Today it is our great pleasure to bring to you Dark Elf Bard's and Halftangible's beautiful avatars, I hope I did your original artwork justice guys Happy

So sit back and enjoy the comic everyone!

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