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SOMEone Had To Be First

posted by A on 2012/12/6 (Comics)

And so we say so long to... wait a second. Isn't that the same girl that we already saw meet Laris after hearing Giacomo? WTF?

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In a world...

posted by A on 2012/12/7 (Comics)

Hello and hello! It's my Dyluthus and here I am with your regular Thur... okay I confess work got busy last week and I had to put off the comic until today. These things happen in the holiday season sadly Sad

Thank you however all for your patience and thank you for the kind words shared about Leaking Pen's and my new webcomic project the DisReality Gears! This site however is now and shall be forever the realm of the anti-HEROES... so let us return to their misadventures where we find Turrick and his apprentice in the midst of a very deadly game...

Enjoy Happy

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The anti-Heroes Return

posted by A on 2012/12/21 (Comics)

Sorry about the delay, we were nitpicking to make sure the return was proper and epic. Also, Monty Python joke!

To let you all know, while we will probably post some filler, we are taking a break until January! Happy Holidays everyone. Also, Dyluth and I would like to thank everyone that helped spread around or donate to our new comic, DisReality Gears. It will be launching early January as well!

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Happy Hollidays

posted by A on 2012/12/25 (Comics)

Hello there everyone! Now that the time for holiday greetings has come and gone, it is time to get on with the story once again.

So sit back and relax while Aldran takes us a break from his own adventures to take us on a bit of a retrospective on what's been going on for the last little while.

Enjoy Happy

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