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It Gets Worse?

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/2 (Comics)

So, 2009. Let's start off on a good foot, shall we?

First of all, let me thank everyone for being patient with me. I know it's been a rough month with so few updates, and believe me, I was as frustrated as I'm sure many of you were. However, here we are in 2009, on the first-year anniversary of Anti-Heroes, and I have some work under my belt again, so I can afford to get a little behind if I need to. I'm hoping I can keep a schedule going for at least a little while and hopefully keep the buffer I've made. I didn't get as much work done as I would have liked, but it should be enough. Oh, and on the same subject of keeping a steady schedule, I've decided that I'm going to drop Sunday updates. It was always a mood-crusher knowing that no matter what kind of a buffer you had, a weekend would reduce it to nothing pretty quickly. So, I'll be trying to keep it at 3 times a week from now on.

I thought I had more I wanted to say, but I can't remember it now, so for all you readers, I hope you all have a great New Year, and here's to another 365 days of this comic.

Oh, and for any of you readers who may have seen Play! a Video Game Symphony before, have any opinions on them? I'm going to see them next Friday in Edmonton, and may have a chance to meet Jeremy Soule too, which would be pretty awesome, but I'd like to hear what some others think about them too.

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Inter-Office Relationships

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/6 (Comics)

And now, let's take a bit of a closer look at the Ivory Veil, shall we?

I also realize that Aldran just said that he can't put his wings back in the package, and here's Eldhin with his wings tucked away, but I always figured he would have had more practice doing it than Aldran ever did...

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Seven Percent, Right?

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/8 (Comics)

Maybe the stable-boy isn't very good at what he does. Did ya' ever think of that? Huh?

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posted by Jordan on 2009/1/10 (Comics)

I could write a whole new monster manual if I needed to. Spell-casting ferrets, fiendish bunny rabbits, planet eating polar bears...

And just as a reminder, the next update will be on Tuesday.

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The Day the Toilet Cried

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/13 (Comics)

An earlier update for today, but since it's after midnight, it's still technically Tuesday. Anyway, enjoy today's comic.

Also, we've updated the cast page with a new layout, and some new characters. Feel free to check it out and start your speculations. Tongue

There's also been an update to the extras section. All the fanart images will be shown in a manner similar to the cast pages and the BB Code help section.

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A Classic "Pan Entrance"

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/15 (Comics)

We now return to your regularly scheduled adventure.

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posted by Jordan on 2009/1/17 (Comics)

You all thought I had forgotten about the Valley of Night Aldran mentioned in issue 10, but you were wroooong. Oh how you were wrong...

...Yeah, I'll stop now.

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How Awkward...

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/20 (Comics)

This whole regular updating thing is really paying off. And the kicker is that I'm still ahead! It's a crazy world, alright.

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Ladies Man

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/22 (Comics)

Vampires get a pretty cool deal. They hardly ever have to do any fighting themselves if they time things right...

On another note, the fifth season of Lost premiered last night. After watching it, my general opinion was "cool, but meh." It was definitely interesting, but after leaving on a note like the season 4 finale, it was hard for it to live up to the same level. On the plus side, it looks like we'll finally be getting some answers to the mysteries about the island. Of course, I've pretty much said that with every season, so I could be horribly wrong once again. I suppose only time will tell.

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It's In His Blood

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/24 (Comics)

I've seen a lot of speculation about vampires in the comments, so I thought I would clarify things. I know how vampires work in D&D (more or less), but I'm going off of my own system, which mostly borrows elements from the Elder Scrolls. Sooner or later I'd like to get around to publishing a little guide to vampires in the Anti-Heroes world, but for now, enjoy the comic...

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Too Bad They Can't Use Mirrors

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/27 (Comics)

I don't know how many of you were expecting something more grand for issue 150, but I figured that once I passed the 100 mark, the "50s" seem far less important. Tongue

Nevertheless, this was still a tough comic to draw, what with all the flashback scenes, but I had fun drawing it. Oh, and I threw in a bit of an Easter egg for anyone paying close enough attention.

As for the rest of Laris' story, it will continue on Thursday...

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No Respect At All

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/29 (Comics)

So a lot of people guessed about what the Easter egg in the last issue was, but I'll put the debate to rest and say: It was the second map. Not the one from the close-up, but the one next to it. It was a map of the world that I ran my (short-lived) campaign in. However, I'm surprised that so many people managed to pick apart the comic as much as they could.

In any event, here's the rest of Laris' story, as promised. Tune in Saturday for the thrilling continuation!

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Tri-Vial Matters

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/31 (Comics)

And the plot thickens once again. You guys certainly know how to speculate, but don't worry, I'm still giving you plenty of openings for those epileptic trees to squeeze through.

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