A Shock-ing Decision

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/5 (Comics)

And here's another page and a half for you. I'd say more, but I need to get going pretty soon.

EDIT: As for those who posted their musical opinions on the last comic, I was glad to see it. This is, by no means, a way of me saying "it's over." If anyone has any other ideas for fitting music, then let me hear them. And don't worry if you think it's too "serious," since I write out most of the plot in a very serious manner before ever even thinking about jokes. Tongue

In fact, most of my own musical choices are pretty serious in of themselves. And I figure it's only fair to show you a few of my picks, so here they are. I was going to post these with the comic, but ran into some issues with my formatting, and didn't have the time to fix it, so I edited them out. I see at least one person saw it before I took it down, though. Tongue

Recently, I got my hands on the Death Note anime soundtrack, so I've had that stuck in the forefront a lot, but one that I find particularly fitting as a sort of theme tune for the Anti-Heroes in general (or possibly Aldran, in some ways) is L's theme B (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlGUYT_zk5o ). Next, I definitely see Low of Solipsism (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYhLlz5bK6c ) as a theme for the "god" of the Ivory Veil. And speaking of the Veil, I hold a very special kind of theme for Zurie, that being Citadel of the Bount (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_9zBONvjVk ) from the second Bleach soundtrack. Or any of the other similar sounding songs on the same soundtrack, as well. Another song I like to associate with her is Quincy's Craft (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2coaq08jb4 ). I'd list a few more, but I need some more time to think about them.

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Jordan - 2009/2/10
So when do new comics usually get posted, the start of end of the day.

I don't really update at any specific point in the day, other than "when I want to."

Too bad Zara can't ever publish his work. It could get really good.

There's nothing to say I can't. It would be highly unlikely, and I doubt I'd even accept if I ever had the chance, but there's nothing really stopping me from getting these published.

What art program do you use anyway?

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Tre of the Wood - 2009/2/7
What art program do you use anyway?

Tre of the Wood - 2009/2/7
So when do new comics usually get posted, the start of end of the day. I usually just check every week, but this is getting both better and more dramatic. Too bad Zara can't ever publish his work. It could get really good.

Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/6
Truth... fortunately for him he only has one paladin to command... that chic Lien... but right now problems of the elves(either V or Quentas Happy ) and Veil are far more interesting

Doopliss - 2009/2/6
That's why I said pragmatic situations. Besides, Hinjo is definitely making an adequate leader.

Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/6
Vell there is a bit of difference... Catholic Church is efective in "leedership"... well it was estabilished by swords and blood. Granted that these swords were about one and only thing that stood between Europe a Muslims in middle age...

Cost of christian rule was a lot of blood... on entire world. And quite frankly I would hardly call today church "by the book"

back to paladins: They are not worthless I just said it is better when they are not in command.

R - 2009/2/6
Paeris... religious zealots eh?

Imagine them ruling the country eh?

Well not very hard to do, is it, since we have that very thing in our own history. Just think of the catholic church. The managed ruling...

Doopliss - 2009/2/6
Paeris: As much as your assumption about the worthlessness of Paladins in pragmatic situations gets on my nerves, great catch with the ornament. Tongue

Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/6
Furthemore... if you look into last three pictures... there is some grey ornamenent. That definitely resebles ornaments Veil soldiers have... As we have seen only two versions- Eldhins and Zuries geometrical shapes can either mean different legion... or it can also be difference between male and female uniforms.

If elf is a Veil soldier... than he would be wearing sign of third legion- neither Zuries nor Eldhins. He even doesn´t have to be marshal himself... but mission sounds quite important... No mage/wizzard/sorcerer would entrust this to a minion.

Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/6
Of course commanders of Ivory Veil are not Paladins... can you imagine an Organisation runned by paladins? they would be either religios zealots creating more harm than good.
Or they would be absolutely incapable of defeat anyone because of inflexibility they are bound to.

I definitely think that this caster is Quentas... but there is a crazy thought- what if Laris is Quentas´s man who is supposed to convince our beloved vampire by helping her?

Shade - 2009/2/6
Lord Andreas said, that Quentas would replace all their units with casters if he was in the lead. So it gives sense to me, that he is not paladin, whoever he is.

Face of Evil - 2009/2/5
That shirt is not the right colour for an Ivory Veil uniform. He may be affiliated with another group or working on his own.

It wouldn't surprise me that Aldran's long list of enemies would include beings other than that order of paladins.

Smiley - 2009/2/5
The Ivory veil has druids? I thought they were an order of paladins (minus Eldhin. I'm with Toil3T here. However that does look suspiciously like a Ivory Veil shirt... Confused

Toil3T - 2009/2/5
I don't think he's a member of the Ivory Vale. The Ivory Veil is a group of LG paladins. He may be working for/with them though. Wouldn't take much incentive to get a druid to attack a vampire and her accomplice.

If Laris dies and Lana does not drink the potion she is in big trouble. He's at least an 11th level druid- able to turn into a tiny creature- and druids are way overpowered anyway. That is assuming he's anything like a 3.5 druid, and not another homebrew.

Bob the ninja - 2009/2/5
you dont like elan??? Worried

Querzis - 2009/2/5
Yeah Unknown seems to be right, its definitly an Ivory veil shirt hes wearing under the fur.

Anyway dont worry, Laris cant die, hes in the cast page while the druid isnt. By the way i dont think it can possibly be Quentas because in that case, Laris would already be dead and Lana kidnapped. There is no way they could fight a guy on the level of Eldhin and Aldran.

Amaretto - 2009/2/5
Wow nice lol. As "The guy who's name is not Dave seems to have either permanantely dissapeared or just vanished for the time being (come to think of it, we haven't had news of Finx for a bit either...), Laris is now my favourite character! Wink

Although his puns remind me a lot of Elan, whom I do not like that much, he is a great character.

The only thing left to find out now is his motivations... does he love Lana, as I predicted 3 strips ago?
Or does he have a more shocking reason.... for instance, he must find her because she has been prophesized to stop Aldran's prophecy? Confused

That would have HUGE repercussions on the story... as Lana would have to decide for herself whether to stick with the Evil "good" guys or join up with Laris and really save the world from destruction...

Hmmm... not a bad idea... Very happy Tongue

drbbin1 - 2009/2/5
I GET IT! A shock-ing Decision! Lol!

Lerky - 2009/2/5
once again this comic gets awsomer by the strip. Which are coming out a lot now Very happy

5th panel: I thought he was going to say "I am a bit under the weather"

Shadow-hedgehog - 2009/2/5
Ivory veil... Well, according to story, some guy from this organization called Quentas was send to find Aldran. And he is supposed to be caster.
It is not spoiler, if I do not know the story for sure, is it?

-skimmer- - 2009/2/5
Meh, two loud lighting strikes in the same spot and there even isnt a single cloud....i mean, somebody from near viliage could notice something strange like that. (maybe Aldran, maybe crazy viliagers)

Ben Harrison - 2009/2/5
PS: The lightning bolt strikes are hilarious!

Sequinox - 2009/2/5
Oh! I forgot!

I'm hoping Laris and Lana get together. It's sorta needed now. (Yes, my weird semi-fanboy side is coming out)

Sequinox - 2009/2/5
Thanks for the regular updates! And man, this Laris guy is pretty cool, too.

(Founder of the Zurie fanclub, as well as the Laris fanclub. I hope this trend catches on.)

Ben Harrison - 2009/2/5
Laris just became a very sympathetic character -- hopefully Lana will return with 'reinforcements' before he gets into trouble (whoever this caster is, I doubt he'd last long if Aldran turned up).

unknown - 2009/2/5
Is the elf wearing an ivory veil shirt? (2nd to last panel)

Bob the ninja - 2009/2/5
interesting Happy
Taiyama: i think he just tried to

Taiyama - 2009/2/5
I really like Laris now. I mean, I always sensed he had good motives but he's really being brave here. Here's hoping he doesn't make the classic heroic "I'll hold them off, you go" sacrifice.

Peregrine - 2009/2/5
Nice one, zarah! The tension is rising. Can't wait for Aldran to get into this mix and finally nail the crow.

Michael - 2009/2/5
It's a bit ironic that a song about solipsism is used to think of a god.

Solipsism ties very closely to Descartes' "I think, therefore I am." The idea is that there is only one thing you truly know: that you exist. Everything else may exist, may be an illusion, or simply be a part of yourself, but it doesn't really matter. God included.

In any case, a solipsist believes that the universe is tied to you, and when you die, the universe dies with you (you can take this to mean that your mental understanding/idea of the universe dies with you, but a true solipsist wouldn't).

Of course, as a solipsist, if I die, the universe will die with me. To you, I will simply have died and you'll think, "Well, the universe is still here, so he must have been wrong." But that's incorrect because you only know that you exist, not that I do. So my death would not destroy you or your universe that I am a part of.

And that's your philosophy lesson of the day. Wikipedia it for a more precise explanation.

Ganurath - 2009/2/5
She's not going for the wagon, she's going for Aldran.

Knight13 - 2009/2/5
He's a "hero", remember? Protecting the woman from the bad guy is what heroes do.

lefiath - 2009/2/5
Laris is sympathic, that's why i have a bad feeling about this...

// Anyway i dont know why he chose to help her, is he in love or what? Tongue

Daran - 2009/2/5
I Hope Laris gets away safely. Sad

Tsarothii - 2009/2/5
And the mysteries continue!

It's a testament to your writing that you can accomplish so much while explaining so little.

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