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Sssir, We Havesss a Problem

posted by Chris on 2012/7/5 (Comics)

The dark and sinister conspiracy afoot engulfs yet another NPC from strips gone by in this, our latest Thursday instalment of anti-HEROES!


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This Old Thing

posted by A on 2012/7/13 (Comics)

And we wonder just how bad this one is going to be...

No fresh TWC incentives, but I'll be putting up links to the wonderful pinups Dyluth did for ShortPacked!'s Pinup week on twitter this weekend @alexanderdsoso

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The Monster Withing, Without

posted by Chris on 2012/7/19 (Comics)

Here we are on another Thursday, and that means another new anti-HEROES! This instalment even features a new original poem by our favourite Goblin scribe, Bleuse.


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Despite All His Rage...

posted by A on 2012/7/27 (Comics)

Yay comic! Sub dungeon omega. That sounds... ominous.

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