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Boughed and Dangerous

posted by A on 2012/2/2 (Comics)

Two Thursday updates in a row! We might actually get back to a regular update schedule!

In this weeks episode, we find that Andil might not know it all.....

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It Was a Sap-py Affair

posted by Chris on 2012/2/7 (Comics)

Hello everyone! It's your humble artist Dyluthus here bringing you the next installment in our heroes treacherous trek through the seemingly cursed woods. Enjoy the unfolding plot twists and turnsHappy

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Amulet Du Fromage

posted by Chris on 2012/2/21 (Comics)

Hello again! It's your illustrator Dyluth here to say first off sorry for the slight delay in getting the next issue to you and second to bring said issue to youHappy

Enjoy the ever advancing and darkening plot!

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