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Maybe She Likes It Rough

posted by Jordan on 2010/1/5 (Comics)

I don't really have anything else to say, so I'll keep things simple. I'm aiming for Friday as my next update day, so I'll see you then.

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And She Wonders Why She's Single

posted by Jordan on 2010/1/8 (Comics)

Well, since I won't be online tomorrow morning, I figured I should get this up tonight. It's midnight here, so technically, it's still updating on Friday. It works either way!

So, remember that story arc I promised a while ago in which I'd focusing on the Ivory Veil? Well, here it is. And yes, I will finally be revealing the other two commanders of the Veil, even though you've technically already seen one.

Also, I think the guard in the background disappears in the next comic. Stay tuned to find out!!

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Like a Whip

posted by Jordan on 2010/1/12 (Comics)

And new comic! I must say that it's kind of surreal for me to write dialogue between Zurie and Aldran. I don't think I ever really expected them to be together, so when it came to actually writing it, it felt strange. And yet, everything seemed to flow just perfectly. Funny how things work out, eh?

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One Of These Days, It'll Work

posted by Jordan on 2010/1/15 (Comics)

And a whole school of crackpot theories dies today as I finally reveal one of the last two members of the Ivory Veil. His arrival wasn't that climactic, I agree, but that's kind of Rallut's style. And I know I'll have to update the cast page as well, but I'll probably be holding off on that until Quentas makes his full appearance as well.

Also, a sudden bout of sickness caused me to fall behind with my slight buffer again, but with this weekend coming up, I aim to get at least one comic done before shoving off back to work. I'm too excited about this plot arc to stop now. Tongue

Anyway, enjoy the comic!

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Faux Pas

posted by Jordan on 2010/1/19 (Comics)

Hey look, it's tomorrow! Which means there's an update! Imagine that!

Also, allow me to clarify Rallut. He is not a paladin. The only paladins in the Ivory Veil belong to Eldhin's division. Anyone else is going to be a different class. What class that is will remain a mystery until revealed, but I assure you that unless you see Eldhin's insignia, they are not a paladin.

I know the Veil has a confusing structure, and I take blame for that for introducing it in a confusing way. Mostly since I originally only planned for there to be paladins and no one else, but their numbers ballooned shortly after, so I had to retcon it in a way. To remedy the situation, I plan to be making a chart to illustrate just how the Veil is structured at some point during or shortly after this arc. Hopefully that will eliminate some of the confusion. Tongue

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posted by Jordan on 2010/1/22 (Comics)

A little lighter on the humor side this time, but some necessary plot to get out of the way. Things are heating up down in Tydaris, and they're only going to get hotter.

Unfortunately, the next update won't be until next week. Enjoy this in the meantime and good luck with your crackpot theories! Tongue

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