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She slices, she dices, she slashes and flash fries

posted by A on 2014/4/4 (Comics)

Leaking Pen here, a day late, and a dollar short! We will be trying to get two aH up next week (and two Disreality gears. For those who haven't noticed, we are now posting at Team Dypen's unique creation, a dieselpunk alternate world adventure. ) And so there were three.

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Missed 333 by THAT much

posted by A on 2014/4/13 (Comics)

And the big reveal! Our last cameo is in fact our first, The Succubus over at the Giant in the playground forums is in fact our mysterious clipboard wielding maniac.

Also, please everyone wish our illustrious illustrator Dyluthus a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Four Stars out of Five

posted by Chris on 2014/4/27 (Comics)

Good evening! It's Dyluthus here and behold what certainly seems to be the conclusion of Turick & company's werewolf infused adventure. Give the comic a read and have a great week ahead Happy

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