Just Like a Sledgehammer

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/17 (Comics)

And remember, everyone, the next two updates are going to be filler material. I'll still try and make it as entertaining as possible, but I doubt I'll be able to please everyone's tastes. Tongue

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Blakjak - 2009/2/19
Why be ambiguous when you can be specific?
Doopliss - 2009/2/18
Not this whole thing again... I'll give you helping out her friends, but not deliberately being evil doesn't make an action non-evil in my book (or PHB 3.5).

I said Nongood instead of Neutral due to the ambiguity.
Blakjak - 2009/2/18
Keris as a mercenary would be more "Neutral" than anything else, not "Nongood". If anything she is "True Neutral" because although she is willing to help out her friends she does no go out of her way to do "Good" or "Evil".
Monty - 2009/2/18
That poor fourth wall. Keeps getting broken.
Doopliss - 2009/2/18
Paeris: The mercenary work she was doing at the beginning of the comic suggests Lawful Nongood to me.
Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/18
Nice... But I just got Idea- what alinghment Keris is... Right now It looks like lawfull good... I would very much like a tiefling like that Happy
Bob the ninja - 2009/2/18
was there ever a fourth wall? Confused
Zend - 2009/2/17
...Squarepants, then? Are we going to see submarine pineapples?

Great line at the end, Zara. Happy
Taiyama - 2009/2/17
Bah! Fourth walls are for squares...like pants!
Doopliss - 2009/2/17
Elena/Lionpawheart: Play Thief one time. Tongue
Yagerr - 2009/2/17
great job! keep it up
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2009/2/17
The fourth wall is crashing and burning...
The funny thing is, I've heard the "release the hostages and no one gets hurt" thing just because I stopped a kip from running into me at school once... the teacher got a kick out of it.
And there I though tree worshipers were supposed to be friendlier... T_T
CrimsonAngel - 2009/2/17
*Aldran fireballs, Keris chops head off, Lana unleashes the wolves, and Kaal sits there wondering whats going on, but somehow helping out the druid accidentaly.*
Lerky - 2009/2/17
Aldran's a smart man. It's werid because I read this strip right after watching Dog Day Afternoon and Sonny for never gave into the "Give us the hostages we'll let you go." thing.
Sirek - 2009/2/17
Another anti-world perhaps?
Doopliss - 2009/2/17
I'm not a huge fan of delay-comics like this either, but I don't see why there would need to be a lot of collateral damage. Aldran can probably wipe this guy out with one or two spells.
kres - 2009/2/17
Ah just a wasting time strip, spells should be a flinging... ah well if we don't have a destroyed village by 165 I will be disappointed Sad
Amaretto - 2009/2/17
The arm through the hair looked a little strange but overall another nice comic.

Wow... Zarah is well on his way to comic 200. I wonder when he'll catch up to OOTS. Very happy
CrimsonAngel - 2009/2/17
Nice job Zarah!
Sequinox - 2009/2/17
Stupid fourth wall...

(Founder of the Zurie and Laris fanclubs)
fleazilla - 2009/2/17
Doopliss: look closely and you see a little brown circle around where the arm goes through, so I'm guessing ya, he meant it that way
Doopliss - 2009/2/17
Jordan: In the last panel, is Lana's arm supposed to be sticking through her hair like that?
Ganurath - 2009/2/17
A romantic sense? You mean like that running gag in Something Positive?

Also, it seems that Elf-Boy's division tends to draw egomaniacs. Must be the guy who likes spellcasting ferrets.
Face of Evil - 2009/2/17
She meant that druids have a thing for trees. In the romantic sense. Worried
Doopliss - 2009/2/17
Aldran isn't doing a very good job taking care of the tree hugger...

Come to think of it, wouldn't Druids be a bit more aggressive in their environmentalist movements than making human chains around trees?
melodic - 2009/2/17
gratz to someone who said the druid was associated with the Veil Happy
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