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He Must Be Getting Used to That...

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/4 (Comics)

Finx's pose in the seventh panel turned out just the way I wanted it to. It's amazing how expressive you can make a character when they actually have pupils.

In site-related news, some of you might have noticed that the comic archives were all out of order near the beginning. That should be straightened out now. We've also added a system that helps compress the comic images themselves by about 1/4, which is good for everyone, especially those with slow connections. Issues should load a little faster for you now.

EDIT: More site news. I added a new part to the About section regarding donations, and a new button there as well. In addition, you might notice the small donation icon next to the RSS feed under each comic as well, which will lead to the same place. If you're feeling generous, then feel free to donate a little to help me along. Like I said in the About section, every little bit helps.

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Anti-World #1: Reboot!

posted by Chris on 2008/8/5 (Comics)

If you were paying attention, you might have noticed that it has nothing to do with the current story arc. Actually, if you read the bottom, you'll notice it has more than just my name. *Actually*, this isn't even Zarah writing - this is Crazed.

Zarah and I have conspired together for me to work on some guest comics, of which this is my first. It's called "Anti-World", and it focuses on other events in the world of Anti-Heroes. Some of them will be unrelated snippets, while others will form a little arc of its own. I'll be trying to release these on a weekly basis and help Zarah fill in the gaps when he can't get a comic up.

So anyway, about today's comic. This is my first comic in the OotS style. Hopefully I was able to present things well and recreate the characters faithfully. More importantly, this revisits one of the audience's favorite characters: Frank! Yes, Frank is still alive (well... sort of), at the will of the almighty lawyers. Additionally, obviously, the "chaos" in the world is due to the side-by-side usage of both DND 3.5 and 4e. I know there were tons of people asking if AH was going to switch to 4e, so this is a tip of the hat to those people, though I'm not passing any judgment on the matter.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the issue. I had a really fun time making it. I especially liked how the "Masked Mage" turned out.

PS: There's another joke in this comic, referencing something from real life. If you get it, post in the comments!

- Crazed

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Has a Certain Ring To It

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/7 (Comics)

So I'm back, with a new issue. A special thanks for Crazed, who filled an update hole for me, and probably will at some point in the inevitable future as well. Today's update is later than I wanted, but still relatively on time for a change. Crazy isn't it?

Finally, for anyone who hasn't already noticed, fan-art and guest comics have been added to the Extras section (finally), so there's a bit more content around there. Other than that, I don't have much to say, so I'll vanish for now. Enjoy the comic.

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Operation: Birthday Cake

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/10 (Comics)

Once again, Finx takes the award for best expression in that third last panel. Red pupils are fun to work with.

And this update is not late. Somewhere in the world, it is still Saturday. So, take that... world.

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Ready or Not

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/10 (Comics)

Whoa, wait! Two issues on a weekend! Updates on time?! Where am I?! This isn't Kansas anymore!

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...Here He Comes

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/15 (Comics)

Whew. I wanted to make up for not updating Tuesday with a double issue today, and actually managed to finish it before bed.

I also wanted to get it finished before this weekend, since I may be building a new computer this weekend, which would obvious prevent me from making a regular update while I transfer everything from one computer to the other, and make sure all my comic-work is backed up and in-tact. So again, if I suddenly disappear this weekend, you'll know why. But I'll be reappearing on a brand new system shortly thereafter. Of course, this all depends on whether or not my motherboard arrives tomorrow night. If not, then I guess I'm stuck waiting until next week.

Stupid mail.

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Flight Consultant

posted by Jordan on 2008/8/30 (Comics)

Holy crap on a stick, that took me forever. Going on a week and a half now, and I do apologize. I've just been busy with all kinds of stuff the past two weeks, and I've been distracted by about ten other projects, so I haven't had the time I wanted to finish it. Pile on top of that the writer's block I suffered for the first half of the issue, and it was not a pleasant experience.

Either way, it's done now, and hopefully this will dispel some of the arguments in the comments. That last issue is scary. Tongue Although I do expect this to just spawn a whole new truckload of epileptic trees, so we'll have to see. As always, I should just remind everyone to play nice.

Finally, I'm moving back to University on Monday, so there might be a lull in the updates again while I get settled, but I'll try not to let myself get so far behind again. Now if you'll excuse me, Mass Effect is calling my name again.

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