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Double D Was Here Two Pages Ago

posted by A on 2012/4/5 (Comics)

Reference to popular 90's cartoon in the the title. Check

Boob Joke in the title, Check.

Old School MMO joke, check

D and D mechanics jokes, check.

Edition names joke, check.

4th wall broken, battered, beaten, and shattered beyond recognition, check.

Joke using other role playing games that no one is going to get, double check.

Heh. I must say, Laris's face makes me giggle throughout this one. I hope you all like it!

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Bearing the Load

posted by Chris on 2012/4/11 (Comics)

Hello hello! Dyluth here on another Thursday for another updateHappy Tonight we find our adventurers making a perilous journey into the mouth of danger with the help of their new low level Nodwickian associates.

As always sit back and enjoy the comicHappy

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A Crushing Blow to Morale

posted by A on 2012/4/19 (Comics)

All those plans just crumble away to nothing...

NEXT WEEK! Your favorite minor character makes a comeback. Betting and idle speculation here as to WHO?

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On a Very Special Ograh

posted by Chris on 2012/4/26 (Comics)

Hello again everyone! It's Dyluth here with your very latest issue of anti-HEROES entitled "On a Very Special Ograph".

Who exactly is Ograh you ask? Well sit back and have a look at our comic and you'll find outHappy

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