They're Getting Better At This Entrance Thing

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/12 (Comics)

Well, he almost had it.

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Veruca - 2016/4/16
Pleasing you should think of sonhetimg like that
Laicee - 2016/4/14
Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brtihgened my day!
Kreox - 2009/2/14
Why do I think Kaal was doing this just to see something straight going throught Lana?

Hehe... Hentai no Baka
Lerky - 2009/2/14
obviously Kaal and I share same fears.
Optimiron - 2009/2/13
Kaal's intelligence score must compare unfavorably with a table's.
Smiley - 2009/2/13
Have to love Kaal. Hes just so useless!!!!
Doopliss - 2009/2/13
FoE: Judging by her fight with Lana, Keriss always kicked ass. It's just that, since the opponents tend to be closer to Aldran's level, she hasn't been able to show it.

Lying: I thought Kaal was doing pretty well, as far as the Diplomacy side of it goes...
Uncle Festy - 2009/2/13
Gasp! Kaal was almost%u2026 useful!
Good thing we avoided THAT catastrophe. =P
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/2/13
Clearly Kaal needs more in the world of Diplomacy, and probably Intelligence...
dragongirl13 - 2009/2/13
Ah. The cliche.

I try to bust cliches whenever possible. Now that I know about this one I'm going to have a girl character escape that hold in a comic or a story or something. Very happy
Face of Evil - 2009/2/12
In popular fiction, I mean.

So, Keriss kick ass now?
Face of Evil - 2009/2/12
I was just kidding, Dragongirl. But if you'll follow that link, you'll see what I'm joking about. Seriously, does that move ever not work?

FoG! You're stealing my bit!

Sequinox - 2009/2/12
Yes! Someone with common sense! Uh-oh.


(FOunder of the Zurie Fanclub)
kpenguin - 2009/2/12
When Kaal was going to explain why they couldn't burn Lana, I thought a Monty Python reference was coming up.
Face of Good - 2009/2/12
Well, I think that we're all on Kaal's side, because we have his smiles! Wink
kres - 2009/2/12
You can tell that Kaal hates exerise... now all we have to do is put an S before it and he be all over it.
Taker - 2009/2/12
Heh, looks like they arrived in the nick of time. What does that make them? Big damn anti-heroes.
Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/12
I love Keriss... and that sword suits her...
MyrddinDerwydd - 2009/2/12
I'm just wondering where the two spectators are running off to in panel 4...
Ganurath - 2009/2/12
Yeah, Lana jinxed herself there in panel 2.
dragongirl13 - 2009/2/12
FOE: "Everyone knows there's NO WAY for a woman to break that hold."

I beg to differ. >Happy
Face of Evil - 2009/2/12
It would hurt like hell, though.

I'll note the guy holding Lana's arm behind her back is a cleric, so there might be some holy magic or something at work.

Plus, he's holding her arm behind her back. Everyone knows there's NO WAY for a woman to break that hold. Tongue
Doopliss - 2009/2/12
Also, Going by 3.5, a stake would just incapacitate her until someone took it out. It actually might be an effective way of "ending" the threat while being of next to no inconvenience to Lana.

If Lana can auto-Mistform upon destruction, does that mean she can do it at will as well?
Doopliss - 2009/2/12
I honestly wouldn't have expected Lana to get caught...
Hremsfeld - 2009/2/12
We're on Kaal's side. Tongue
Vizen - 2009/2/12
Gosh Kaal. Way to help the evi...the good..Wait whos side are we on anyway?
dragongirl13 - 2009/2/12
Woo! Keriss kicks butt!

Ah, Kaal... his naivete and stupidity again make us wonder whose side he's on anyway and give a good bit of humor to the comic at the same time. Happy
Face of Evil - 2009/2/12
Whose team is Kaal on anyway? Happy

Oh please, let Keriss commence with the ass-kicking. We haven't really seen her in action yet, aside from that fight with Lana.
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