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Three Hours Out

posted by Chris on 2012/8/3 (Comics)

A battle damaged schooner, a magical staff wielding Gnome spellcaster, and a rogue in a maid costume. What more could you ask for in a new issue?Happy


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Three Shadowy FIgures Out

posted by A on 2012/8/10 (Comics)

The Plot Thickens! or at least, simmers a little.

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Going to See the Sights

posted by Chris on 2012/8/16 (Comics)

Just what sights and what investments are our Gnomish friend Turrick and his rogue maid of a friend heading off to see?

Stay tuned to find outHappy

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Scoping Out the Competition

posted by Chris on 2012/8/23 (Comics)

It's Thursday night and it's my (Dyluthus's) turn to post, so here it is! A quaint walking tour of Lavakport's waterfront shops and attractions. EnjoyHappy

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Three Coins Out

posted by A on 2012/8/31 (Comics)

A diversion? Or a cunning TRAP! Who's to say? What perils lie ahead for our side characters? How much money DOES that little man have? And does he still expect the Bugbear maid to provide her own lemon pledge? These questions, and more, on the next, anti-Heroes

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