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Cereal Killer

posted by Jordan on 2009/7/6 (Comics)

So I disappeared for another two weeks. I apologize once more for my sudden absence, and I have to admit that updates are probably going to be a bit more sporadic than they have been. I'm working full-time again, and between that and juggling my other projects, it's hard to keep myself from getting burned out. Anyway, you probably don't want to hear me yak, so here's today's comic uploaded a bit early.

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Unbalanced Checkbook

posted by Chris on 2009/7/14 (Comics)

Zarah's working afternoons for a few days this week, so he asked me to get some filler up since he doesn't expect to get a comic out in that time.

In this installment of Anti-World, I tried to clarify some things about the Frank-in-a-jewel thing. The Mage tricked Frank into willingly entering a gem, which has now imprisioned him within its barriers... partially. There seemed to be some confusion about this in the last episode, so I hope that straightens things out.

The magical fish are an homage to my new marine aquarium, and the two clownfish and snail that live inside of it.

There may be another installment of Anti-World this Thursday, but from what I understand, there definitely should be a new Anti-Heroes on Saturday.

- Crazed

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Anti-World #4: Quality Control

posted by Chris on 2009/7/16 (Comics)

Wow, another Anti-World so soon? Yeah. As I said, Zarah's still too busy to make one until (probably) Saturday.

As anyone who has read Tuesday's comments can guess, this comic is a direct response to the criticism that Anti-World is too bright. I'm a pretty easy going guy; I don't mind constructive criticism (as long as the critic is nice about it). So, here's a "thank you" for giving me an idea for a comic that pokes some fun at the previous Anti-World and takes a chance to fix a few things.

Also, halfway through making the comic, I noticed that the hallway kind of looks like Cloud City in Star Wars, so I threw in a joke towards the end about the changes in the Special Edition to Cloud City.

- Crazed

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Part of This Complete Breakfast

posted by Jordan on 2009/7/19 (Comics)

Apologies for taking so long again, but I'll give a hefty thanks to Crazed who filled in some of the downtime. I wanted to get this comic done for Saturday, but things just get piled up too much for me to finish. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get some real sleep...

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posted by Jordan on 2009/7/24 (Comics)

I think a lot of you already saw this coming, but here's to those of you who were actually surprised with this issue! It's kind of a shame that I have to kill off one of the nice bugbears, but hey. There are always casualties of war.

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They Get Us All

posted by Jordan on 2009/7/27 (Comics)

Uploading a bit early again today. So it seems like I caught more people off guard than I expected to with the last comic, which is always good. I like to keep the fans on their toes and give them something unexpected. And that's exactly what I have in store.

The Valley of the Night mini-arc will be ending here really soon, and then we'll be moving on to see more of the Ivory Veil. Specifically, of two certain commanders who haven't had any time in the spotlight as of yet. Wink

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