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Always Married or Gay

posted by A on 2013/3/1 (Comics)

And back to everyone's favorite soap opera, Turrick and the Maid!

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Never Shower Alone

posted by Chris on 2013/3/7 (Comics)

Hello hello! It's Dyluthus here with your Thursday comic and a what JUST might be our first appearance of the dreaded beast stalking our unintended gamers.

Enjoy Happy

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Cloaca and Dagger

posted by A on 2013/3/18 (Comics)

Sorry for the delay, Computer troubles all around. As Steve Irwin would say, DANGER DANGER DANGER!

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Plus Two to Con Job

posted by Chris on 2013/3/21 (Comics)

Hello hello! It's Thursday and Dyluthus is here to put a simple question to you, what on earth could possibly go wrong with buying a mysterious potion from a shady lizard behind an ally next to a food court? Wink

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First One Is Free

posted by A on 2013/3/28 (Comics)

And Keriss makes a choice. Good choice, bad choice, she's the one with the vial. (hint, it's probably not a good choice.)

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