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Alter Egos

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/2 (Comics)

Another update on time?! What's this world coming to!

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Ineffective Roadblock

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/9 (Comics)

Well, at least Kaal is trying, right?

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Bad Business

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/14 (Comics)

Remember kids, Kaal says: "dirty money can always be cleaned!"

Also, a happy late Thanksgiving to all the other Canadian readers out there.

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The Encore

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/16 (Comics)

There's a couple other things that I've got to mention with today's update. First of which being the spam problem that we've recently encountered. I didn't even realize it until yesterday, but there's been quite a few spam comments popping up on random comics. I thought the security we had would have prevented it, but apparently there's some that slipped past. So just try to ignore them, and I'll do my best to delete them as they appear.

Secondly, after a generous donation, we decided to add BB code support in the comments. That's right, you can finally add some fancy formatting to your posts! There's still a couple bugs that we're aware of, and working to fix, but as long as you don't go overboard with it, then you shouldn't run into any trouble.

Here's a list of the code that we now support:








  • Unordered List

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Falling for You

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/18 (Comics)

Alongside this new comic, there's some updates around the site as well. First of which, people may have noticed that the cast page didn't work properly with the new version of Firefox. We managed to get that all worked out, so the character bios are readable once again. In addition, I've added Eldhin as a part of the cast, and merged Andil, Laldera and Hilmor into one entry. It's not a lot, but if you're desperately searching for more to read, there's something for you. Tongue

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Hanging Around

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/19 (Comics)

Wow. A full week of updates on time. Must be end of the world or something...

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Who Needs a Door?

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/21 (Comics)

Another website update! We support smilies, all provided by our very own resident ghost, Kaal. You can either use notation from the Giantitp forums, or simply use your standard emotes as you would with symbols. It recognizes a few different variations of each emote, so you should be able to get one to show up one way or another. To see what emotes we offer, just click the help link under the white box where you post your comments.

Also, a few other links to interest you. A first preview of the new KotOR MMO from Bioware. Peter Molyneux talks about getting STDs in Fable II. And finally, a fun little flash game mixing constant survival and platforming.

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Bringin' Down the House

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/25 (Comics)

Whew. Sorry for the delay in uploading today. I was going to finish it last night, but got caught up playing LotR Online for far longer than I probably should have. Oh well, I still managed to finish it.

The next update may not be until Tuesday too, since it could end up being another double-issue. And I believe I have an assignment to do this weekend as well, so I won't have as much time as I'd like to work on it. Either way, here's today's comic.

And for anyone who hasn't noticed yet, you can check what BB code and smilies you can use by clicking on the link just below the white box to post a new comment. If you have any troubles making it display, let us know and we'll fix them as soon as we can.

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