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What is Anti-Heroes about?

First and foremost, Anti-Heroes is a fancomic of Rich Burlew's own masterful comic the Order of the Stick. This whole thing started out as a humble little project that Jordan posted on Rich's forums. It became pretty popular, and started to grow in size as well. As the popularity increased, so did Jordan's' ideas for it, and he realized pretty quickly that he couldn't keep it on a forum forever, so we created this website, and here we are.

As for the comic itself, well, it's a pretty simple idea. Similarly to Order of the Stick, Anti-Heroes takes place within a world governed by the rules of Dungeons & Dragons. If you aren't familiar with the game concepts, then you may be at a bit of a loss as far as some jokes go, but the authors have done their best to make at least some of the humour universal. Of course, there's a lot more information about the characters on the Cast page, so if you're interested in more details, you might want to head over that way.

Who makes the comic?

That's a bit of a complicated question. The short answer is that Jordan Quigley created the comic, and, today, Dyluth and Leakingpen (affectionately called "Dypen" by the community) create all the new comics. But we have several staff:


The Illustrator

I am the humble illustrator of this webcomic, Chris Hudzieczko. I'm a Canadian illustrator and an avid fan of all things gaming, role playing and adventure related. I've been in love with the minimalist style of the Order of the Stick art for years now, and have made countless illustrations for various campaigns which I've been a part of using the same style for the enjoyment of my fellow gamers.

I first came across the Anti-Heroes webcomic in 2008 and immediately fell for the universe fellow Canuck Jordan Quigley crafted with its humerus undertones, the steadily advancing and expanding story line and the cast of hilarious characters I would love to role play with any day of the week. When I found out this past spring that the comic was in need of help in order to keep running, I decided to volunteer to lend a hand. Now I couldn't be happier to be working with such a talented group of people working to keep Anti-Heroes going. So there you have it, me in a nutshell.


The Writer

Leaking Pen is the pen name (no pun intended) of Alexander Hollins. Scientist, inventor, writer, editor, tech support monkey, and eventual telepath who will rule the world with an iron mind, Alex has taken over writing out scripts to be drawn and colored by Dyluth. He has been happily married for nearly 5 years, with two wonderful sons who drive him insane on a daily basis.


The Webmaster

My name Chris Brendel and I'm the webmaster of this shindig. I'm a 20 year-old student from Pennsylvania, USA, primarily interested in historical linguistics, history, and general linguistics (I know, right?). In university I learn Chinese and Spanish, but in my free time I study languages like Latin, Icelandic, and Irish. In the near future, I'm hoping to independently teach ESL, but I plan to become a translator, interpreter, or a professor/researcher of linguistics. I love that this comic has so many international readers!

One of my biggest hobbies is keeping a marine aquarium (my fish and corals often appear as Easter eggs in things I create). I also play Dungeons and Dragons and occasionally Magic: The Gathering and tennis. But none of that stops me from continuing to work with my first love, programming. I'm always looking to add features to the various sites I've created, especially Anti-Heroes.

I met Jordan, one of my best friends, online in 2002, and rarely a day goes by that we don't talk. I helped him port Anti-Heroes to this site and created almost every piece of code used here, from the server-side all the way up to the HTML, but couldn't have done any of it without Jordan's great template design skills. Although I usually lurk in the comments, I have done a few guest comics. If you have questions about the website or you want to make a translation of Anti-Heroes in your language, I'm the person to contact!


The Creator

My name is Jordan Quigley, though some of you might know me better as "Zarah" (or alternatively, "Zara"), and I'm the one that started it all. I'm an aspiring writer and occasional website designer. Together with Crazed/Chris, we have created several websites, including the very site you're currently on! Though I work full-time, in my free time I enjoy playing video games, playing tabletop games, painting miniatures and role-playing online. I'm a particlar fan of the tabletop game Warmachine, in which I play an army of Cryx.

I love telling stories, and after seeing a few of the fancomics that had sprung up on the Giant in the Playground forums, I saw the perfect way to tell whatever story I wanted to. Thus, Anti-Heroes was born. The first comics were posted on January 1st, 2008 and were met with a great deal of praise. As the comic expanded into ways I never thought it would, I decided to move it off the forums and onto its own, dedicated website. Unfortunately, my busy schedule has forced me to hang up the mantle of this comic, but I've passed it onto the shoulders of those who will hopefully see it far into a successful future.

What's with the art style?

As we already mentioned, Anti-Heroes is a fancomic, which happens to be in the same art style as the source material. And yes, the style is simplistic, but that doesn't make it bad. Rich Burlew is the one who created the style, and we honestly can't see his comic being told in any other way. Besides, this comic is a hobby of ours, not a career, so this kind of style lets us get away with a decent amount updates per week without having to toil over every page.

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How often do you update Anti-Heroes?

Well, that should be obvious from the website banner. We currently have a sporadic update schedule, but on average a new comic is uploaded once a week.

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What's the deal with this website?

This website is basically a home for Anti-Heroes... in case you didn't figure that out already. The site template was designed by Jordan, but Crazed assembled the template and designed everything that goes on behind the scenes. Except for a couple of external utilities, everything in use on this site was hand-coded and created by Crazed, and the framework is unique to the sites Jordan and Crazed have made. Jordan and Crazed share the blog Indolents.com. Technical questions should be directed to Crazed; he can be reached through the comments section or through the contact page.

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Anything I can do to help?

Yes, you can. Should you feel so inclined, there is a donate button right below this very paragraph that you can click to redirect you to PayPal. We're not expecting you to empty your pockets or anything, but every little bit goes a long way. Donations go towards payments for the web space. You can also purchase some apparel from our CafePress store. If you are interested in translating Anti-Heroes into your language, you can contact Crazed.