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The Cycle of Abuse

posted by A on 2012/5/3 (Comics)

Our interlude continues! Poor poor Dave.

And... Who's this goblin hanging out in the background? He's visiting us from another plane (ie, he's on loan from another webcomic) looking for his next door! It's Tempts Fate, from . Goblins, if you aren't reading it, you should be! ``

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Naw, He's Got a Nose. Wait, Doesn't He?

posted by Chris on 2012/5/9 (Comics)

Greetings and greetings again! It is I your humble illustrator Dyluthus with the latest episode of Ograh brought to you via the latest issue of anti-HEROES. You just can't get a better two for one comic deal than thatHappy

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Jerry, Jerr... Wait, Wrong Show

posted by A on 2012/5/17 (Comics)


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That Burning, Itching Sensation

posted by Chris on 2012/5/24 (Comics)

Hello hello! It's Dyluth here with another Thursday instalment of anti-HEROES, where we see just how much more interesting day time talk shows would be if spell casting Liches and raging Ogre's were involvedHappy

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Awww, I Wanted On... Wait

posted by A on 2012/6/1 (Comics)

And so ends our brief interlude with Ograh. What will Dave do? Where is the real Finx? And did Tempt's fate meet his funding goal and survive the bounce off Ograh's hammer to his door in the sky? The world may never know.

There are a pair of easter eggs for you, one is in the art, one in the dialogue. Enjoy!

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