Always On The Move

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/14 (Comics)

Just a heads up for everyone: I'll be heading home for a week, which unfortunately leaves my comic-making here at school. I have one more comic already made and ready to go, which I will update on Tuesday with, but after that it's anybody's guess. I have some ideas for some filler material that I can use for Thursday and Saturday, and maybe even get a guest comic up or something. Either way, I'll try to update something on those two days, but I figured I should just let everyone know that it could be some filler material.

In any event, enjoy today's comic and I'll see everyone on Tuesday.

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Oponk - 2015/10/9
be nazare man har kodom dar fgahanrhe khase khodemon bozorgh mishim ke esmesh khanevadast.hala dar sathe kalan mishe jamei,on mokhatabe to ham dar fgahanrhe dighari roshd dashte,pas na moshkele one na moshkele ma,jeloye in mozalo bayad rishei bar rasi kard khoshhal shodam az hamsohbati ba to
Amaretto - 2009/2/15
Oops, sorry for the triple post. Tongue

I just noticed that his face was actually darker than his "body" Tongue. This means that his actual skin colour is the lighter one and his face is more pink because he is really a cross-dresser and wears make-up.

For the same reason, he put red and blue peircings all over his body, which we have mistaked as Ivory Veil Symbols. The grayed shape is a burn which he put on himself, as he is also a Satanist and worships the devil by branding himself and drinking blood.

He knows Aldran's name because he is his next target for branding and Aldran is scared of him because.... well, aren't you? Tongue
Amaretto - 2009/2/15
To build on the "no nipples" idea: Tongue

That isn't necessarily a shirt! It is his skin!

See, the druid just has a slab of fat which bulges slightly over his pants/skirt. It is also slightly darker than his face because he went to the beach and started applying sun screen only to find out that he only had enough for his face. Nevertheless, he still stayed outside a got a Tan everywhere but his face. Wink
Amaretto - 2009/2/15
em.... hey was the nipple thing a joke?

Because it actually made me lol...
Blakjak - 2009/2/15
Crimson is right about the shirt thing
CrimsonAngel - 2009/2/15
Dude down there talking about the comics nipples. That's a shirt. notice it's a different color than his skin. and it buldgy at the bottom.
Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/15
There is no point for that druid to be afraid... Killing him will not get Aldran anywhere since Zurie and Quentas are probably on the way and he himself is no threat.

even a fireball would be a waste of resources...
FrankNorman - 2009/2/15
The druid looks like he's taken some injuries - I want to know how Laris is? I hope the druid didn't kill him.
Zurpl - 2009/2/14
"You too?" haha Good stuff, Zarah. Also, it was nice to learn that people in this world don't have nipples.
Sequinox - 2009/2/14
Here's another guess: It's just random. I don't think it's a very good guess, but...

(Founder of the Zurie and Laris fanclubs... Still waiting for it to catch on...)
Ben Harrison - 2009/2/14
That druid should be a lot more afraid right now! Depending on how fast he expects the Veil to turn up...

Also, a bigger question for me than rankings in this strip is... what happened to Laris? Anyway, this was great (as usual)!
zach12376 - 2009/2/14
O crap! Ivory Veil! Dang, now i'm going to die from suspence, AND MIGHT NOT GET THE COMIC AFTER THE NEXT ONE!!! Man...
The Zergling One - 2009/2/14
Here's my theory on this whole IV ranking system. We know that there are at least 3 different symbols along with the different colors of the dots. As many have speculated the dots almost undoubtedly refer to the person's rank in their DIVISION. That's what they symbols are, the symbols denote the division from which they are a part of. For example, all "Paladins" of the IV will have the }{ type symbol with their rank. My guess is that Zurie is a fighter or some prestige class thereof. This druid, has another marking which would signify that the 2 symbols seen so far do not represent male or female IV, but division. Open to thoughts of course Very happy.
Gough - 2009/2/14
Woot! Who called the IV

My Theory: the colours are the ranking system of the IV. Back in #100, we see Eldhin w/ 3 gold dots (highest possible rank), a Captain w/ 2 red, 1 gold and 3 soldiers w/ only 2 blue dots. #141 we see Zurie w/ 3 gold, and another captain. So really there are 9 ranks (1xblue, 2xblue, 3xblue, red2xblue, blue2xred, 3xred, gold2xred, red2xgold, 3xgold). So this gy is 2 ranks below captain.
Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/14
And as for ranks... well gold dots, red dots blue dots... 27 options even with these tre colours... and that only acount that there are allways three dots... (six but that is just double picture)

We can onli tell what captain is and what grand marshall is... not much data to other guessing
Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/14
Well, as I have said he is a Veil soldier...

As speaking of Quentas... he is probably another multiclass... Druid/wizzard, it seem all veil marshalls are... Perhaps Rallut could even be a paladin but I do not´t belive so... Zurie could be Bard/paladin... plates could be sexy if made right
Querzis - 2009/2/14
Oh hes obviously from the Ivory veil and probably a minion of Quentas (hes the one who would «probably remplace them with spell-casting...furret or something» so I suspect Quentas is a druid too.)

So now we know the symbol of every division except Rallut division. It could be good if you could tell us in the extra what are the ranks in the ivory veil too because that druid isnt a captain but hes probably close.
Smiley - 2009/2/14
Well I'm pretty sure he is Ivory Veil. The uniform is just like it and how many organisations powerful enough to take down Aldran can there be that also happen to use dots and lines as their symbols!

Also when he revealed his uniform it was obviously meant to be a big deal. Which is probably also pointing to him being Ivory Veil
kres - 2009/2/14
There is still time for a completely destroyed village... Come on Aldran your losing your mojo
dragongirl13 - 2009/2/14
Hmm... Ivory Veil. Not a very high rank, though. Maybe four red and two blue means spy?

Ha ha, if that's the case, then the crow WAS a spy from the Veil!
-skimmer- - 2009/2/14
Well, its not that hard to figure out which rank he know, if we count Zurie as grand-marschal then each grand-marschal have 6 gold dots on their own background, their troops have 4 grey dots on the same background as their superiors and captains have 4 red dots and 2 golden dots on that same rank of that druid must be slightly below captains and that strange polygon is propably Quentas sign.
Icewalker - 2009/2/14
Um, we've already seen alternate Ivory Veil symbols.

The women here
have a different separating line and red and yellow dots. I would expect there is an entire system of rankings with associated symbols within the Veil.
Amaretto - 2009/2/14
The Plot Thickens! Tongue

This was a pretty good comic... I think Aldran should smoke him anyways... even though he has already sent the report... It would eliminate a somewhat powerful enemy who although inferior to Aldran, has shown himself to be able to take both, Lana, and Laris without too many problems...
Ganurath - 2009/2/14
That is not an Ivory Veil uniform. The colors aren't right, and the line pattern isn't fitting with the uniforms worn by both the Paladins under Eldhin and Eldhin's non-Paladin self.

No, my money says that this guy is with the evil deity that Aldran told the nameless mook about in the earlier pages.
Eldar Ditto - 2009/2/14
the guy must be a special didision of the ivory veil because the other people have yellow dots seperated by a line but this guy has bothe bue and red dots inside of a polygon
Szilard - 2009/2/14
There are other forces at work here...
Blakjak - 2009/2/14
He is with the Ivory Veil!

Although i still dont think he is Quentas - he just said he had sent back a message to his "superiors"; from what we was seen of Zurie and Eldin I doubt a fellow Grand Marshal would have said such.

Maybe "compatriots", "my forces", or perhaps "my associates" but not "my superiors".
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