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posted by A on 2013/5/14 (Comics)

Sorry for the late comic all. Light on the meat, heavy on the potatoes. Cheesey, cheesey potatoes... Mmmm. Wait, where was I? Ohh yes, enjoy! And we will try to get another comic Thursday.

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Of Course She Trusts Him

posted by Chris on 2013/5/21 (Comics)

Good evening all, here's a special Tuesday edition of anti-HEROES featuring Keriss's hallucinogenic experience taking a surprising turn, and Kaal taking a look around Lavakport.

What could possibly go wrong with that last one... Happy

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A Keane Trail to Follow

posted by Chris on 2013/5/30 (Comics)

It's Dyluthus here, it's Thursday and it's time for a brand new comic as our beloved anti-HEROES still try to make their way through Lavakport.

Seriously now, WHAT could possibly go wrong with Kaal's pursuit here?

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