So, you've come seeking more answers, have you? Very well. Here, you shall learn of the characters of Anti-Heroes, and will hopefully gain insight into any matters of uncertainty. To read about a character, simply click their portrait below. Be fairly warned, however, that some articles may contain spoilers for those not caught up with the current archives. If you wish to remain unspoiled, then simply read the comic as it stands. Worry not, for you shall be presented with no new information that does not already exist within the archives.

the Anti-Heroes

Aldran Keriss Lana Kaal Aldran Keriss Lana Kaal
These are the main characters, and the ones working to vanquish the forces of evil... we think...

the Ivory Veil

Eldhin Rallut Zurie Quentas Eldhin Rallut Zurie Quentas
Some people can make evil look good. These are the guys that make good look evil.

the rest

The Heroes Finx Laris The Heroes Finx Laris
Heroes, villains, and everyone else; who says you need a posse to look cool?