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You'd Think He'd Have Learned By Now

posted by Jordan on 2009/3/3 (Comics)

Don't ask where all the supplies Laris mentioned are inside the wagon. They have a hammerspace storage container underneath the floor. Don't believe me?

I don't really believe me either.

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posted by Jordan on 2009/3/5 (Comics)

So I went and drew Zurie in a nightgown. Does this mean I've created fanservice?

EDIT: Sort of late, but it's our local programmer, Crazed's birthday today. So here's a Happy Birthday for you, buddy!

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Appearance is Key

posted by Jordan on 2009/3/10 (Comics)

Once again, you have my apologies for missing that last Saturday update. Everything that was planned for the weekend went off without a hitch, but now it's time to get back to work. Here's today's comic, so I hope you enjoy it.

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Dueling 101

posted by Jordan on 2009/3/12 (Comics)

I really have nothing else to say right now.

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He's Baaaack

posted by Jordan on 2009/3/14 (Comics)

Yep. Well over 30 issues have passed, but it's finally time for Finx to show his face again. What antics could he possibly be involved in this time? Your guess is probably as good as mine.

Also, in other news, I managed to get sufficiently bored enough to write up my own contributor page on TV Tropes (Zarah). So, if you manage to get as sufficiently bored as I was, then feel free to look me up and stalk me as I make the odd change on the wiki.

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Not The Brown Ones

posted by Jordan on 2009/3/17 (Comics)

I thought I had something to rant about today, but I completely forgot. So I guess I'll offer you a comic instead.

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posted by Jordan on 2009/3/21 (Comics)

Since I missed an update before, I figured I would upload this one as soon as "Saturday" technically starts. So, here's a new comic.

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He's On The Lam

posted by Jordan on 2009/3/24 (Comics)

He's pretty laid back for a demi-god, isn't he?

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A Full House, But Nobody's Home

posted by Jordan on 2009/3/26 (Comics)

This is my little homage to Morrowind. For those who haven't played (or just don't get it), during your travels, you're likely to meet two half-naked Nords standing at the side of the road, who both have sidequests to offer. Strangely, they both pretty much tell the same story and are in the same region, so when you see both of them the first time, you start to wonder just how many more you expect to see...

Anyway, is it also strange that while I was making this comic, I was playing canasta online with Crazed? And is it even stranger that I managed to beat him twice, despite barely knowing the rules? Hmm...

In website news, we updated the extras section with a couple new pieces of fanart as well. So be sure to check it out!

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You Should See the Coming Attractions

posted by Jordan on 2009/3/28 (Comics)

I think bugbears should wear top-hats more often. They look rather fetching, don't you think?

Also, in case you missed Crazed's post from yesterday, you might run into a problem or two when trying to post a comment. If you are, use this link then try again. If you're still having trouble, try emailing one of us and we'll try to solve it.

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