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I didn't SEE any new stars...

posted by A on 2011/12/2 (Comics)

Hey all, the lack of updates is ENTIRELY my fault. Work and family ate me alive this month, preventing me from getting scripts to Dyluth, who sat with time on his hands, and no AH to fill it. I am terribly sorry, December will be better. The first title of this comic was to be, "Hey, not till Turkey Day!" as it was to be posted before Thanksgiving. Also, Mass kudos to Reader, who totally saw the joke coming. But, not the next joke, I hope!

Enjoy all, and thanks for reading!

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Charlie's Angelic Elves

posted by Chris on 2011/12/18 (Comics)

Hello friends and readers! It's Dyluthus here with our latest issue. Many apologies for the delay in new issues as of late, that's just how the Holiday season is eh?Happy

In any case, sit back and enjoy the introduction of our newest NPC's... Charlie the Halfling and his angelic Elves.

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