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Rewinding down memory lane

posted by A on 2014/6/6 (Comics)

And a nice little memory it is! Happy Thursday, and for all of you at PCC already, grr. I will be there with Mrs. Pen and the little ink drops on Saturday!

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Time Heels All Wounds

posted by Chris on 2014/6/17 (Comics)

Good evening all! It's Dyluthus your illustrator with a) an apology for missing last week's comic and b) a special Tuesday posting of the comic scheduled for last week.

This weeks comic regularly scheduled comic is still forthcoming Thursday Happy


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Insert Lana Smash Joke Here

posted by Chris on 2014/6/19 (Comics)

Good evening! It's Dyluthus again with our Thursday issue AND the continuation of Lana's story with her apparent "friends" in the Thieves Guild.

Enjoy Happy

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