Monthly Archive 10/2014

So Many Islands, So Many Mysterious Islands

posted by Chris on 2014/10/17 (Comics)

Good evening everyone, it's Dyluthus here, it's a few hours past midnight but not too late for a Thursday update of anti-HEROES! Join Aldran and his search for a mysterious island amongst many mysterious islands.


Also there seems to be a slight compression issue with the artwork in this comic when posted. I will look into this and have it fixed as soon as possible.

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Happy Halloween!

posted by A on 2014/10/31 (Comics)

For those that missed the halloween special, we'll be adding it to the extras soon. You can still see it at DisReality Gears (link below) .

In today's episode, we take another glimpse into what lies in the brain of Kaal, and Aldran engages in some doublespeak.

A little humor, crossing over the other comic Dypen is working on. Whats that? You didn't know we do another comic? WE DO! It's been a bit slow coming out, but we are nearly done with our first issue. go take a look

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