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posted by Chris on 2012/10/4 (Comics)

It's Thursday and I your illustrator Dyluthus and your writer Leaking Pen have another instalment of anti-HEROES for your entertainment!

This week we see yet another bizare and ghastly turn that the strange and mysterious game "For Ah Magame" that Turrick and the Maid have signed up for in the wilderness outside of Lavakport.

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Turrick, His Eyes Wide

posted by A on 2012/10/12 (Comics)

Sorry for the late update everyone, but here's anti-HEROES. I think you all already beat Turrick to his realization! Another cameo from one of our many volunteers! Mr. Super Dark 33.

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Keeping it Close to the Chest

posted by Chris on 2012/10/18 (Comics)

Another Thursday and another edition of anti-HEROES and the on-going saga of For Ah Magame!

Personally I just love the idea of a magical ID badge that masks it's label to everyone else but the wearer with a little floating censored bar Happy

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Sorry From His Eds to his Toes

posted by A on 2012/10/26 (Comics)

And now we leave Turrick and the Maid for a bit, and peek back in on the heroes. Andil... where'd that stick go, you can use it to break out!

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