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Round Two

posted by Chris on 2011/5/26 (Comics)

Hello, I am Dyluth (Chris to my friends) and this is my first illustrative contribution to the amazing webcomic known as anti-HEROES.

It was an honor to have been picked by Zara to help step in to keep this comic going, and though it took longer than I had hoped to get this initial comic up on the site I can promise that in the future I will do my best to keep the postings much more frequent and consistent.

Now I've done my best to keep the illustration style as close to Zarah's original artwork so please enjoy and let me know what you think.

I'm truly looking forward to working with Leakingpen and Zarah to keep this comic that we all love going strong!

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Book Worms

posted by Chris on 2011/5/30 (Comics)

Good evening once again friends! I have for you now issue #222, my first time illustrating Aldran and Kaal. Though I have to say thank you for all the positive feedback that we received here for issue #221, it means quite a bit to have the approval of the fans that Zara worked so hard to earn over the years.

I'll do my best working with Leaking Pen, Zara and company to keep up a consistent schedule down the road, but for now enjoy our comic about a couple of lovable book worms!Happy

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