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DON'T Spill the Wine

posted by Chris on 2012/11/3 (Comics)

Hello hello! It's (not) Thursday and that means it's time for another anti-HEROES courtesy of your friend Leaking Pen and me, Dyluthus!

So sit back and enjoy another issue where we see just how Laris, Andil, Laldera, Hilmor and the Ed's are holding up given their dire predicament Happy

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Play Dirty, Play Often

posted by A on 2012/11/8 (Comics)

Happy Thursday to you all! Bleuse is up to ... something? And it's not that fruity, is it?

For those curious, Play Dirty is a book by RPG writer John Wick.

The main focus of the book is how, as a GM, to use PC's strengths and flaws against them. Especially their strengths.

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Laris, His Hand Free

posted by Chris on 2012/11/15 (Comics)

It's Thursday night AND it's new comic time so here we are! How many times have we gotten to see Laris strain himself until he turns red?

Not too many, and not enough I say Happy

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Happy Thanksgiving

posted by A on 2012/11/22 (Comics)

A bit of filler for everyone! Also, Team Dypen brings you a new project! (Don't worry, we still will be here on anti-HEROES first and foremost.)

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Duck Duck Wolf

posted by Chris on 2012/11/29 (Comics)

It's Thursday AND it's time for anti-HEROES as I, your humble illustrator Dyluthus will be helping usher you in your return to the werewolf murder mystery themed "One Day and Night Vacation" Turrick and his companion signed up for back in Lavakport.


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