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That's Not What She Said

posted by Chris on 2014/3/6 (Comics)

Good evening all, it's Dyluthus here, it's Thursday evening and time for another anti-HEROES.

Sit back and enjoy Keriss trying to find a way to use the incorporeal rules to their advantage while Kaal struggles to understand that the incorporeal rules are even an actual thing Happy

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Who Carries Silverwood?

posted by Chris on 2014/3/22 (Comics)

Good evening all! It's Dyluthus here and here's our regular Thursday comic... which as you can guess from the date was just a tad late. My bad Wink

So sit back and enjoy the slaying of another fan who lent us the use of their avatar from the GitPG forums Happy

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By Process of Elimination

posted by Chris on 2014/3/25 (Comics)

Good evening, it's Dyluthus here and we have a special Tuesday night edition of anti-HEROES where things in the castle just continue to get out of control for poor Turrick and company.

Enjoy Happy

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You Wouldn't Like Her When Sh... What Do You Mean I've Already Used

posted by Chris on 2014/3/27 (Comics)

Good evening everyone, it's Dyluthus again and my oh my the finger pointing just wont't end this week will it?

Enjoy Happy

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