Notes of Laris Ardenwood: Life as a Vampire

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/19 (Comics)

Alright. Like I said before; fillers. I decided to take a time out and look back on Laris' notes he made during his time as a vampire. Ever wonder how he learned to become such a great hunter? Well, maybe these notes can help give some insight...

...Probably not, though.

His notes will continue on Saturday.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it's my birthday today, for anyone who wants to know. So, yeah. Tongue

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Lat - 2010/6/4
Filler, huh?
Something terrible's about to happen. Ya know why?

'Cos this is FILLER, filler night!

...Okay, that was a HORRIBLE pun.
Zenfur - 2009/2/22
Happy birthday, Jordan Quigley Very happy
Vizen - 2009/2/21
I find it very interesting that he didn't like the idea of a bandana...And yet he wears one.
Gael - 2009/2/20
Happy Birthday!
Taiyama - 2009/2/20
Hey, Happy Birthday. The filler is pretty cool. I'm guessing the robed guy was Aldran.
awibs - 2009/2/20
1.) Happy Birthday 2.)This feels very much like Myst. Do we get lots of diary fragments with dramatic thoughts and obscure but significant codes we'll need later?
Uncle Festy - 2009/2/20
Oh, and Bear Hands are awesome.
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/2/20
Evidently Laris can't spell suspcicious Tongue
James - 2009/2/20
1) Happy Birthday

2) If a vampire did fed a cheeseburger to someone before drinking their blood, would he taste the cheeseburger, hmmmm. Good question
Tanner - 2009/2/20
happy birthday.

it's my brother's and grandfather's birthday to.
lefiath - 2009/2/20
Happy birthday Wink
lerky - 2009/2/20
niiiice format
Bob the ninja - 2009/2/19
friend of a friend??
happy b day btw
Toil3T - 2009/2/19
Happy birthday! Looks like we all liked your filler. And now I want a burger, damn you.
Amaretto - 2009/2/19
Wow Zarah/Jordan,

Happy B-Day! I actually enjoy fillers... usually more than the actual strip... (always remember that awesome filler comic in OOTS where the cinema foods have a fight. Very happy)

Laris' notes are actually interesting to read and I am looking forward to the next comic/notes/filler material. Tongue
Doopliss - 2009/2/19
Llamallord: Technically, he did. Tongue
Siosilvar - 2009/2/19
Happy Birthday.

Oh, can you fix the image? It won't show in Firefox and is mostly HSV noise in Internet Exploder.
Llamallord27 - 2009/2/19
Oh, really? Happy Birthday! ...maybe for the next one, write his name at the top, I was confused until I got to the whip part.
zach12376 - 2009/2/19
Swearboy - 2009/2/19
Happy Birthday.
Very nice filler.Witty
Ben Harrison - 2009/2/19
For filler, that was great! "Bear hands"... hehe.

Also, happy birthday!
Blakjak - 2009/2/19
Happy Birthday Zarah
Hermit - 2009/2/19
FoE: That was evil, and yet so close to reality. But sooooo, soooooo evil.

Happy Birthday, Zarah!
dragongirl13 - 2009/2/19
Happy Birthday!

Huh, so Laris has come across Aldran before? Interesting.

And has anyone noticed that both Laris and Lana ended up mentioning burgers during their early vampire days?
Sequinox - 2009/2/19
Happy birthday, Zarah!

And this is the best filler ever. I found it very interesting... Keep the magic coming.
Face of Evil - 2009/2/19
The story of a bisexual vampire, a robot (Executive Note: Ditch that faggy Necromancer thing), a jive-talking ghost (Executive note: Can we get Eddie Murphy for this?) and a werewolf woman (Executive Note: Better change the devil thing so we don't offend the Christian crowd) who seek to repel an alien invasion force known as the Ivory Fist from their world!

With Brooke Hogan as Lana, Ben Stiller as Aldran, Eddie Murphy as Kaalinor and Rebecca Romjiin as Keriss! Also featuring Jackie Chan as the alien leader, Eldhin!

Unfortunately coming to a theatre near you.
Jack - 2009/2/19
Wow. Happy birthdy. Just figured out there was a comment section lol
Brian - 2009/2/19
Happy birthday! Hope your life is sweet and your comic is made into a crappy movie adaption so people wil think "Wow, the comic was WAAAAAAY better"!
Niley - 2009/2/19
Well, this one's a good filler. I almost don't miss the strips!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Zarah. I wish you... well... Oh, I know! I WISH YOU A THOUSAND IDEAS FOR ANTI-HEROES STRIPS!

*pant* *pant* *pant*
kpenguin - 2009/2/19
I think he should have went with the hands bear.
Doopliss - 2009/2/19
Happy birthday! I demand dynamite whips/bolas.
Miles - 2009/2/19
Happy birthday! ^^
May you live at least as much as you have thus far! Very happy
Face of Evil - 2009/2/19
Interesting filler! Who knew such a thing could exist?
Caldur - 2009/2/19
Happy birthday! Mine was yesterday. Tongue
Blakjak - 2009/2/19
Ok lets see:

1- Aldran has contacts with the same Vampire Clan Laris was in.

2- "Days on the Council" must refer to a past orginization. The Patriarch may have been on it as a human.The Council must have revolved around "evil": its propagation or containment it remains to be see. My theory is that it is connectd to the Beast in the Valley of Shadow and the prophecy surrounding it.

3. Aldran must have been looking for the Vampire in the prophecy at the time. That he chose Lana shows that none in the clan fitted the prophecies descriptions.

4. Laris has horrible penmenship.

My opinion though, and nothing really concrete. Great Filler today I cant wait till Saturday Happy
Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/19
congratulations Happy

Now to the point... that person with black hood sounds distinctly familiar...
ET - 2009/2/19
Congratulations. Happy
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