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You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Agry

posted by A on 2011/8/4 (Comics)

And the dramatic conclusion of Battle Femme Royale! Dyluth is taking a much needed vacation, but never fear! We now have a buffer! The next comic will go up next Thursday, rain or shine!

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Dear Sir or Madam

posted by A on 2011/8/11 (Comics)

Ahh, Aldran, what monkey business are you up to now? I would be disappointed if any of you OOTS fans DON'T know where this is going...

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Can the Fun Start Yet?

posted by Chris on 2011/8/18 (Comics)

Hello again, it's me Dyluth on posting duty today as our heroes prepare to leave the White Palace... or will soon hopefullyHappy

In any event, this issue represents team Dypen's first depiction of fan favourite Laris, even if it's in the form of a flashback, albeit a flashback to one of my favourite sequences of this coimc. Enjoy friends!

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Together Again

posted by A on 2011/8/25 (Comics)

Aww, Aldran, being nice to Kaal? What's your angle?

Just a reminder, you can find us on Facebook. Hope you've all enjoyed the ride so far, we'll be finishing up this story arc and then peeking in on some other familiar faces coming up soon!

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There's an Ointment for That

posted by A on 2011/8/30 (Comics)

Almost done with this arc, so you all get a special treat. We update again... TOMORROW! Thats right, come back tomorrow to finish out this story arc! After that, we have a few filler comics while we work on the next set of storyline.

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We Had to Use the Joke Eventually

posted by A on 2011/8/31 (Comics)

And this closes out our anti-heroes time as guests of the Ivory Veil. For those who saw the joke coming, I hope we used it in a pleasing manner! We will be running filler comic strips for the next week or so while we work on the next storyline.

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