I Ran Out of Puns

posted by Jordan on 2009/2/10 (Comics)


As a side note, Anti-Heroes was referenced by Rutskan on his blog story Vatsy and Bruno, which you can find by clicking the link below. It's a small reference, but an amusing one nonetheless. The entire story is pretty good in of itself too, so check it out if you want.


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Blue - 2016/4/14
Holy shtinzi, this is so cool thank you.

Adelie - 2015/10/9
I'm so glad I found my sotouiln online.

Anonymous - 2010/11/21
Huh. I always thought love damaged Wis, nor Str.

CCX - 2010/8/6
Oh, man, Kaal actually got a girl! I don't believe it!

...Of course, it would be his fate that they'd have to leave immediately, wouldn't it?

Paeris Kiran - 2009/2/12
Well it seems Laris is goong pretty good job distracting that whoever it is... It would take a lot of time to Kaal to bone a girl... so how much of that time can Laris get...

Ryu - 2009/2/12
"Looking at it again... It seems like saying, 'That's the kind of danger I like...' in response to her comment is like saying 'I love danger when it's a threat to you and not me...'"

Vizen - 2009/2/11
Hah, I didn't notice until now, but that girl has a piercing.

kres - 2009/2/11
Well the Strength kiss could be a pun on leaving them weak in the knees, if the kiss was out of this world. Tongue there is the pun!

Dallas-dakota - 2009/2/11
Don't worry Zarah, I'm still reading, and finding your comics to be awesome. Especially this one!
Rock on!

danelsan - 2009/2/11
@Kreox: Gothic would make sense too, obviously, but them I would not be able to tease a "somewhat emo" person I know...

@Ben Harrison: 3 updades a week IS awesome. That said, I still enjoy OotS more because, no offense meant to Jordan, I think Rich is a better storyteller/writer

Anyway, considering his pickup lines and general behavior with pretty women, I'm impressed Kaal managed to seduce even a goth girl...

MorkaisChosen - 2009/2/11
Since when has this comic not broken the fourth wall?

But yeah, that's some good stuff there...

Ben Harrison - 2009/2/11
Hahaha, Aldran's "getting ready" is classic.

And I agree with what others have said, but would go a step further and state that I personally enjoy Anti-Heroes a lot more than OotS (three new comics a week is a strong point in its favour as well).

Doopliss - 2009/2/11
"That's the kind of danger I like" meaning someone else's danger? Tongue

Peregrine - 2009/2/11
Nice one, zarah! The glowing kiss was a nice 'touch.' Love hurts indeed...

PS-I like Aldran's style of packing. xD

Niley - 2009/2/11
Hm. So a ghost's touch does 1d4 Str damage? Never heard about that rule... Well, on the other hand, I rarely play using all of the D&D rules. Tongue

Kreox - 2009/2/11
zach: I think it was ment to show that after the kiss she felt weaker.

danelsan: Never heard of gothics, huh?

FrankNorman - 2009/2/10
That girl's clothing style reminds me of Tsukikko. And I thought Kaal couldn't actually touch anything?

Bob the ninja - 2009/2/10
First equal. Nothing else is even close to this and OotS

Taiyama - 2009/2/10
I agree with danelsan. This is certainly one of my favorite webcomics and regularly jockeys with the original Order of the Stick for the position of my favorite story webcomic, along with Looking For Group.

danelsan - 2009/2/10
Hmm...is that some sort of emo haircut on the girl? Would explain the interest in a dead boyfriend and the "love hurts" line, I guess...

By the way, first time commenting, gotta say, of all comics inspired by OotS, this one is among the best.

From the ones I know, only Keychain of Creation compares IMO (probably because I LOVE Exalted).

Anti-Heroes art is particularly good (for a stick comic), even better than the Giant's in some aspects.

And the site is clean, pretty and functional.

Good Stuff!

...but how does one kiss an immaterial being?

kres - 2009/2/10
So that is where Kaal disappear to or rather with... 'That is the kind of danger I like' only Kaal can say something sooooo dumb for a pickup line Tongue

Lerky - 2009/2/10
dang that was clever

Sirek - 2009/2/10
Burn the Zara, bringer of Puns!

zach12376 - 2009/2/10
1d4 Strength damage,Oh no! The fourth wall is destroyed! How would strength damage hurt, i mean would you like sponatniously lose mussles, or something else?

(Founder of the official "4th wall breaker" club"

Sequinox - 2009/2/10
Nice... Thanks for brightening up my tuesday.

(Founder of the Zurie and Laris fanclubs)

Blakjak - 2009/2/10
An excellent comic, Im glad that Kaals character can still make us laugh.

Face of Evil - 2009/2/10
Aww, all the good women are taken by the dead guys. Angry

MTONinja - 2009/2/10
So true mysterious lass, so true!

Loved this comic, the glowing kiss was well done.

Miles - 2009/2/10
Go, Kaal! Very happy

Hremsfeld - 2009/2/10
Outta puns, huh? XP

Good comic, once again. Aldran's "preperations" were perfect! Kinda wondering how, if the village's so uptight, no one got suspicious of the gal Kaal (heh.) was hittin' on.

Probably for the same reason no one found a Red-skinned woman with a tail and horns renting two rooms for herself suspicious.

Lira - 2009/2/10
Heh. That was cute.

shadow - 2009/2/10
1st post and 1st comic,
lol 1d4 str damage

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