posted by Jordan on 2009/1/10 (Comics)

I could write a whole new monster manual if I needed to. Spell-casting ferrets, fiendish bunny rabbits, planet eating polar bears...

And just as a reminder, the next update will be on Tuesday.

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WJS - 2016/10/7
Huh. Masks. I wonder if that makes Zurie a bard?
Lissa - 2016/4/14
Heck yeah bay-ebe keep them coming!
Pattama - 2014/3/12
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MTONinja - 2009/1/12
Interesting developments, though an army of spell-casting ferrets I would "all encompassingly" be for that!

Sequinox: I agree about Zurie, I really like her character!

FOE: Yay someone else who enjoys Avatar!
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2009/1/11
By the way, I added this site to Stumble.
Xanforen - 2009/1/11
In the first panel, you've added an extra period, right before the comma after years. Awesome comic though, can't wait to see what happens!
Blakjak - 2009/1/11
First time posting, awesome comic. Easily on par with Order of the Stick,and leagues better than Gobwin Knob (not saying its bad just that this is better).

I cant wait to meet Rallut and Quentas, and see Zurie in action. The Veil plotline is looking great.

Though I dont know what to make of this "God-in-training" (Lord Arderan right?). cant wait for more.

And the look on Eldhin face in the last panel, even better than priceless (and thats something considering he is a stick figure).
Sequinox - 2009/1/11
I'm not liking the Ivory Veil plotline.... Well, other than Zurie. Yay for Zurie!

(Apparent Founder of the Zurie Fanclub)
Ben Harrison - 2009/1/11
Just discovered this comic yesterday, and spent a few hours reading up to the most recent one; absolutely fantastic.

I also love all of the characters, so I've no idea who to root for! Eldhin's changing expressions are hilarious in this strip.
Hermit - 2009/1/11
FoE: Holy... Boopig... Boop... I'm finding a nice safe volcano to jump in.
Face of Evil - 2009/1/11
It's kind of like Azula stepping in for Zuko, isn't it?
Hermit - 2009/1/10
O.o Aldran's screwed. lol.
i think Zurie's gonna end up joining Aldran soon. Something about the love / stab thing I mentioned earlier.
Ganurath - 2009/1/10
I'm having a precognition... I sense a catfight in the future!
Spamoo - 2009/1/10
I have actually played a ferret cleric before. Still one of my favorite characters to date.
dragongirl13 - 2009/1/10
The look on Eldhin's face is sooooooooo priceless! I laughed my head off when I saw the last panel! Awesome comic, Jordan.
drivinallnight - 2009/1/10
and I could see her being the one to actually corner him too Happy
kres - 2009/1/10
Sparing match coming right up starting with a swift kick to the boop!
Memnarch - 2009/1/10
Ooo... Eldhin does not look happy. Happy
Szilard - 2009/1/10
I just noticed some white fuzzy spots to the side of the comic. I suspect they are from the glow of the blue thing...
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/1/10
This is gonna get interesting
Szilard - 2009/1/10
I love the look on his face.
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