Inter-Office Relationships

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/6 (Comics)

And now, let's take a bit of a closer look at the Ivory Veil, shall we?

I also realize that Aldran just said that he can't put his wings back in the package, and here's Eldhin with his wings tucked away, but I always figured he would have had more practice doing it than Aldran ever did...

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Inkling - 2009/4/28
I know this is really late after all the other comments, but I was reading all the comics over again and noticed this:
Before the big fight with Eldhin (comic 118), Aldran wondered if 'he remembered how to do this'. I assume he meant taking out his wings, which means that he's done it before. But later in the forest he says that he can't put them back. Why would he not be able to put them back when he had before? Am I missing something here, or just being overly-inquisitive and all will be revealed later?
XeroKill - 2009/1/11
Sorry for the double post but I forgot to add...

The difference between red dots and yellow dots would most likely indicate the difference between officer (gold)and enlisted (red). Which would probably make the messenger something like an E-5 or E-6 (Sgt. or Staff Sgt. - perhaps higher since she answers to a field commander.)
XeroKill - 2009/1/11
The difference in rank is probably similar to that of Army generals. He would be analagist to a 4-star general or even a special command general. She, on the other hand, would be something of a 3 or 2-star general. She is most likely a field commander, and those field commanders answer to him, while he answers to the big guy and no one else.
Hermit - 2009/1/8
Aldran, possibly, even if he doesn't admit it... Still, I think the shapes in between the dots have something to do with it...
Bob the ninja - 2009/1/8
would eldhin consider anyone equal to himself?
Amaretto - 2009/1/8
Doubtful,since Eldhin indicates that she is lower level and does not treat her as an equal....
Smiley - 2009/1/8
If 6 yellow dots means Grand Marshall, does that mean Zurie is maybe Eldhin's female equivlent?
kres - 2009/1/7
Zurie = Female Finx without a clue and full of sarcasm
Hermit - 2009/1/7
Sorry for the double post Sad, but something just occurred to me: Eldhin and Zurie might have had a past relationship... (Panel 4)
Hermit - 2009/1/7
Although we're still not sure about the shape in between the dots.
Hermit - 2009/1/7
Angel: Thanks, couldn't see it :/
Amaretto - 2009/1/7
"Lady" could mean a high social ranking but I doubt that it is higher than Eldhin's...

Anyways, she isn't the ruler of the city so her ranking isnt the highest. For proof oif this refer to my last post.

Third, how is the messenger supposed to call her? Miss? Ms? These acronyms were not in place at the time and young women were called "Lady" ___.

Fourth, her calling her "Lady" can just be because she is higher ranking than the lowly NPC messenger...

Another long post... Happy
Norin - 2009/1/7
This is the first "In the style of" comic that I've ever actually enjoyed.

Great Work
Angel - 2009/1/7
hermit: messenger has 2red and 1 yellow dots
And I thought that every1 in White palace should be Good Happy
Hermit - 2009/1/7
Eldhin's and Zurie's insignias have the same color dots (I think. Correct me if I'm wrong) but the shape on Elshin's has two branches on the top and bottom. Zurie's and the messenger's have the same shape but different numbered and colored dots, so 3 yellow / gold / whatever Eldhin's and Zurie's dots are means a higher ranking than 2 red dots. I don't know if the color has to do with it, or if you can only ever have 2 red dots and 3 yellow / gold dots. Also, the difference in shapes between Eldhin's 'I' shape and the girl's 'S' shape might be gender specific, or both girls belong to a different division of the Ivory Veil. (Maybe Zurie's in financing?) Okay, I've rambled on long enough, and this will probably be answered in the next few comics anyway. Tongue
Jordan - 2009/1/7
“why is the copyright message so pixely?”

I haven't done anything different with it... It looks fine to me...

“Lady Zurie reminds me immensely of Cirucci Thunderwitch.”

Ya' got me. I've had the idea for Zurie in my mind for a long time, but I had a lot of trouble trying to actually design her. I didn't like anything I ended up with, and it was kinda frustrating. Recently, I got back into Bleach, and as soon as I saw Cirucci, I knew exactly what Zurie should look like.

And I took Zurie aside and told her to fix her physics-defying dress. Her insignia should no longer flip back and forth.
TwistedNerve - 2009/1/7
Lady Zurie reminds me immensely of Cirucci Thunderwitch.
Ganurath - 2009/1/7
Panel Six... Is Eldhin implying that Zurie is a rapist?
Face of Evil - 2009/1/6
Anyone remember Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill? The schoolgirl with the penchant for killing people?

'Nuff said.
Bob the ninja - 2009/1/6
she is referred to as lady
could this mean a high social ranking?
Gough - 2009/1/6
why is the copyright message so pixely?
Miles - 2009/1/6
Love/stab thing, lol. Very happy
I like her. ^^
Hermit - 2009/1/6
On the other hand, Zurie has a pretty obvious love / stab thing going on Eldhin. (Nobody said anything yet, so I figured I would)
Amaretto - 2009/1/6
NIce! I just got back and what do I see but 2 new comics waiting for me! Happy

This Zurie person is interesting but I doubt that she is the person who Aldran was afraid of.

1.Eldin was not coming to see her, as he keeps walking on and he showed annoyance when she popped in. This shows that the ruler of the city/whoever Eldin is going to is not her...
2. She is lower level than Eldin and can't be that powerful... Eldin says this himself (Panel 7, Speech Bubble 4).
3. She just doesn't seem the type to be the big bad villain lol... More like someone who can be a sidekick.

Have I convinced anyone? Very happy Tongue
Monty - 2009/1/6
The pattern on Zurie's outfit seems to change based on which way she's facing.
Lerky - 2009/1/6
I meant "no" below not "not". And because I hate to waste a comment I'll put in a bit of something. So, it would appear Aldran fears this Zurlie figure more than Eldhin, judging purley by the set up of the last comic. I also got to admit this comic impressed me greatly, nice shading and nice art, but even better writing. Good work, Jordan, this comic is more than worth the wait!
Lerky - 2009/1/6
Szilard: Not I think those are proper words, something tells me she's a twisted sadist. I think it's the cute little girl look with bows and pig tails that make her look so sadistic...or maybe I've watched too many movies.
lllftc - 2009/1/6
Non-symmetrical outfits don't cut and paste well. fyi.
Sequinox - 2009/1/6
Well, the Face of Evil took the exact words out of my mouth, but I'll say them anyway. Interesting... I like this Zurie already.
Sirek - 2009/1/6
You didn't even try to stab him this time!

Bob the ninja - 2009/1/6
she has the same spots as a grand marshall, but a different pattern Confused
Szilard - 2009/1/6
This Zurie person looks very... sinister? I'm not sure if that's the word I'm thinking of.
Lira - 2009/1/6
Cute outfit.
Face of Evil - 2009/1/6
Hmm ... interesting. I like this Zurie already. Wink
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