Tri-Vial Matters

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/31 (Comics)

And the plot thickens once again. You guys certainly know how to speculate, but don't worry, I'm still giving you plenty of openings for those epileptic trees to squeeze through.

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Iluzon - 2009/2/3
Well, and what about Finx? He wasnt in that comic for quite a long time...
zach12376 - 2009/2/2
the voice might be Jordan Quigley
Amaretto - 2009/2/2
I agree that he doesn't necessarily need to love her.... but something like that would add a much needed romantic subplot to the story, plus jokes on the matter. Although I am not a large fan of romantic subplots (like Elan's/Haley's or Elan's/Therkla's), most authors are and it will bring a nice twist to the whole matter.

The alternative is basically Lana dying and Laris turning out to be a bad guy after all. I don't like either, as Lana dying kind of kills the protagonist (I STIL dissaprove of Roy's death) and Laris just seems cool. Heck, if he turns out to be a good guy, he might become my favourite character! (As the guy who's name is not Dave is nowere to be seen. Confused)

I am not saying that I am 100% right, but it is at least an educated guess on what Zarah might do for good storytelling.
Lerky - 2009/2/1
Sirek - 2009/2/1
He's from Tydaris, so 'm guessing that it's a coincidence.
HellPuppi - 2009/2/1
Wait...isn't the ivory veil in Tydaris...?
'Course it is supposed to big a big city, so could be coincidence.
Doopliss - 2009/2/1
Even if it was a cure, I still wouldn't call Laris more of a good guy than every other previously introduced character. He's more-or-less obsessed with disproportionate revenge. Or, at least, he was. I can see this being somewhat of a character-changer for him, especially if Lana turns the cure down.
Valahuir - 2009/2/1
It's the trees! They're going to eat us all! AHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm going to suport the time decerpancy idea, after all, Eldin and co got back to Tydaris already, so it makes sence that Laris needed to recover and ws only to this point so far.

That or Tydaris is kind of close.
Querzis - 2009/2/1
Oh come on, he doesnt have to love her. Laris never saw a vampire that wasnt pure evil and a scourge for the world except, of course, himself and now Lana. Its just like hes looking at himself back when he was a vampire so of course he wanna help her. I dont see whats so weird about this, you just have to reread any strip with Lana to realize her transformation as a vampire didnt make her more evil as it was supposed to do.

That being said, it could still be holy water but honestly, he just doesnt seems to be that kind of guy. Beside, if its really the cure, it would make Laris the only real good guy we saw in the comic until now and this comic really need a good guy. Seriously, we already have way too much bastards in that comic.
Doopliss - 2009/2/1
I think Laris is being sincere. Last time, Laris seemed to be at an advantage during the fight. At least, he was pretty cocky up until the Sneak Attack, and Lana doesn't really have anywhere to hide here. Also, such elaborate lies don't really seem like his style, and he hasn't tried to kill her in the past.
Namonaki Rei - 2009/2/1
Well, I think the voice is someone of the IV, like quentas or Zurie. Could be someone else, though.

“Amaretto- 2009/1/31
hmmm... doesn't really make sense... unless he loves Lana or something. Confused

YES! That is the only explanation I can provide! If I am right again, I deserve a cookie...”

Well, I think that is indeed the only explanation that sounds credible to me Very happy . Unless, of course, Laris really wants to kill Lana. If you ask me, he doesn't look like that kind of guy.

And, is it me, or Lana's "Support for my theory just keeps on coming" is quite alike V's "Support for my theyry continues to accrue at an alarming rate" on strip #338? Confused
Hremsfeld - 2009/2/1
Or's Frank! He could've seen some plot notes on the prison bus he got put on, escaped from said bus, and started looking for his buddy Kaal again!

Official Founder of the I-wanna-be-an-official-something,-too! club.
Face of Evil - 2009/2/1
I think it's Kaalinor. Wink
Inkscape - 2009/2/1
I think that bubble is Aldran or Quentas
Vizen - 2009/2/1
“Gough - 2009/1/31
Whats so bad about being gay?

Official boycotter of the Zurie fanclub”

Nothing, just would of put the sentence into an entirely different context. xD

I dunno about it being any of the...Uhh..Good guys, considering after the whole Plane Shifting dealy it would of made it pretty hard to track them down to Tydaris, even our skilled vampire hunter here *claims* to have found her purely by accident.
Devigod - 2009/1/31
I bet it's holy water. She drinks it and it's like acid...

He Laris realizes he cannot beat Lana through combat, so he needs trickery.
Doopliss - 2009/1/31
Ooo! Another thing occurs. Did you notice Laris said he's not hearing voices "again"?
Gough - 2009/1/31
Could the voice be someone from the IV? Zurie? It sounds a *bit* like her...
Doopliss - 2009/1/31
Woodrot: Especially prophecies we know nothing about.

Amaretto: "He knew she was different", remember? Depending on how long he'd been stalking Lana, he might have been privy to quite a few dialogues about her squeamishness to suck blood. Judging by that yarn, it seems like he's not used to dealing with vampires who are anything other than pure evil.
Woodrot - 2009/1/31
So if Lana does change back into a human, that would probably ruin Aldran's plan for her. Or, maybe she was actually prophesized to charm Laris into finding her, so Aldran could take the bottle of water and tell him that using it, he could reztore the spring if Laris helps him, because he really needed both Lana and Laris to fulfill their role in his plans. Man, prophesies are confusing.
Jawohl - 2009/1/31
I don't trust that guy. We already know hes a bard, which focuses on Charisma. Bluff check, anyone? Lets hope Lana passes her Sense Motive check....
Gough - 2009/1/31
Whats so bad about being gay?

Official boycotter of the Zurie fanclub
Vizen - 2009/1/31
“Peregrine - 2009/1/31
Nice one, zarah! Biggest thing to happen since Aldran's id coming out.

Good heavens, at first I read that as "Aldran's coming out" and thought "Since when was he gay?" but careful re-reading makes that sentence different. Phew.

Also, I'm with Lana on Laris and his crazyness.
Amaretto - 2009/1/31
Wow, good comic. I am not sure what to expect... is it really the spring water? or is poison of some sort to kill Lana.

He didn't actually explain why Lana deserves a "better life" while all of those other vampires he killed didn't.... hmmm... doesn't really make sense... unless he loves Lana or something. Confused

YES! That is the only explanation I can provide! If I am right again, I deserve a cookie...
Peregrine - 2009/1/31
Nice one, zarah! Biggest thing to happen since Aldran's id coming out.

I like the unidentified speech bubble. For a moment there, it reminded me of Failing Saves. (sigh...)
Siosilvar - 2009/1/31
"Support for my theory continues to accrue at an alarming rate."
Uncle Festy - 2009/1/31
*cracks up at the last panel*
Sequinox - 2009/1/31
Ooh! Plot-twist!

(Apparent founder of the Zurie fanclub. To join, type this into your manually-typed sig.)
Sirek - 2009/1/31
Dun dun dun dunnnnn!
Doopliss - 2009/1/31
Slash: The speech bubbles are normal. Tongue
kres - 2009/1/31
Laris passing back through on his way to Tydaris? When he was left for dead 'before' they left... I smells a rat!
Slash - 2009/1/31
I appreciate the title of this comic immensely.

Also, its a little farfetched, but I'd like to put money on Laris's vampire friends.
Blakjak - 2009/1/31
I'm betting Aldran myself as well.
dragongirl13 - 2009/1/31
Can't wait for next comic... curses and blasphemies on weekend cliffhangers...

But still, this comic was great.
Zend - 2009/1/31
Zara! Stop talking in the comic or it's a paddling!
kpenguin - 2009/1/31
And if Aldran's nearby...

I'm guessing he won't be happy with Lana becoming alive again.
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/1/31
Narratorial voice?
Fourth wall breaking?
Hidden character?

I'll wager Aldran is nearby.
Ben Harrison - 2009/1/31
Oooh. Can't wait for the next comic now!
Monty - 2009/1/31
Ooh, a mysterious voice.
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