A Classic "Pan Entrance"

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/15 (Comics)

We now return to your regularly scheduled adventure.

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MissHeartless - 2009/1/17
Hello, people Happy I'm new here, I started reading the comic two days ago and coudn't get enough of it Tongue Great job, Mr Quigley :] You'll be seeing a lot of me around Very happy
Almanro - 2009/1/16
Great comic as always! ^^
dragongirl13 - 2009/1/16
Heheh... Keriss must have a really high Bluff, Diplomacy and/or Disguise.

"I have multiple personalities. And they don't really get along." That was great.

Awesome comic.
Leapolits - 2009/1/16
I'm glad to see we have a good update schedule agian. I really enjoy this comic! Keep it up please!
Lerky - 2009/1/15
ah, this comic has returned to making me laugh out loud, instead of just plot imporant stuff. You've been having a lot of comics recently (or is it just me) good work.
kres - 2009/1/15
Kaal probably to coin a Xykon used word had a 'sexagasm' no it aint or... cuz he was not the beneficiary of it Tongue
Ben Harrison - 2009/1/15
Heheh, brilliant comic again. I love that expression of Keriss's in the final panel... and I hope Aldran DOES kill the entire village, it sounds like they deserve it!
Hermit - 2009/1/15
Kaal probably just mentally exploded as of that last panel.
Blakjak - 2009/1/15
That was genius. Cant wait till Saturday!

The "Outback Stakehouse", priceless.
-skimmer- - 2009/1/15
I don't think that kaal can make something as hard as a good illusion...
MTONinja - 2009/1/15
Keriss' reaction to Aldran's comment in the last panel is priceless!
Taker - 2009/1/15
Wow, I can see why Aldran and Keriss have such a strained relationship.
Crazy Theory Guy - 2009/1/15
This town is the anti-anti-heroes,
Lyinginbedmon - 2009/1/15
Lana would probably have been the better option, or Kaal with a good illusion spell.
Face of Evil - 2009/1/15
NO! Don't destroy the villlage, Aldran!


At least not until morning. Get a good night's sleep first. Tongue
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