Seven Percent, Right?

posted by Jordan on 2009/1/8 (Comics)

Maybe the stable-boy isn't very good at what he does. Did ya' ever think of that? Huh?

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Crazy Theory Guy - 2009/1/10
My theory, about this webcomic, is that Jordan Quigley is secretly Rich Burlew.
Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2009/1/9
Oooo, a bit blue orb. awesome. Happy
Sirek - 2009/1/9
since the boards are down, whatcha think of the new oots?
Hermit - 2009/1/9
Personally I would choose a hill giant rouge / wizard.
James - 2009/1/9
I think he should get his hand slapped for not kill his brother and severely beating for not tipping the stable boy.
Kobold-Bard - 2009/1/9
I know, thats why I chose it.

I was originally going to go with Halfling-Barbarian but I think that was taken already.
Hermit - 2009/1/9
Kobold-Bard: Oh, okay. I was curious, because that's not a common combination.
Sequinox - 2009/1/9
Oh, and my actual reply to the comic: It's like Xykon's scrying glass, only blue.

I wonder if he has teevo...
Sequinox - 2009/1/9
Ooh, good punchline. And there's good old Zurie...

(Apparent Founder of the Zurie fanclub) (Just put this in your comments on the newest AH comics)
Et Nom Praeta - 2009/1/9
It's a digital TV!
Babale - 2009/1/9
As for my crazy theory... It's one of the gates!
Babale - 2009/1/9
@Skimmer: The guy who owes Aldran money is a MONSTER who lives in a valley where it's always night. Also, the monster has MiTD type eyes, only in red.
Zenos - 2009/1/9
Hunh, I am used to ten percent. Ah well.
-skimmer- - 2009/1/9 this is that guy who owes money to Aldran, somebody remember part #10 and #21?
MTONinja - 2009/1/9
I dont tip that stable boy either. He lifts enough from the passers by pockects. Lawful-Good rogue.... Yeah right!

Great comic once again!
DDM - 2009/1/9
My guess is that eldhin is demoted but pulls a miko and goes insane trying to kill his brother.
Kobold-Bard - 2009/1/9
Hermit - "Kobold-Bard: I'm curious, do you play NWN?"

No I have never played it. If you're referring to Deekin I think he's called (my girlfriend loves the games) I didn't know about him until I was looking for an avatar for GitP and came across a pic of him on google.

As for swede's comment, just watch the first bit of Reservoir Dogs. It'll explain it all for you.
Hermit - 2009/1/9
Kobold-Bard: I'm curious, do you play NWN?
Swede - 2009/1/9
Good strip.

About tipping, I suspect many non-Americans won't understand what the big deal is. In the US (and Canada), tipping is expected, because people working as, say, a waitress generally has a low salary and need the tip to survive, more or less. In Europe, tips isn't as important and is only given if you're pleased with the service. In some countries in Asia, tipping is considered rude.
Kobold-Bard - 2009/1/9
I agree with Siosilvar, this does seem very Oz-ish.
As an alternate theory, perhaps this is the big brother of the guy who turned himself into a gem in Finx's airship. Call me razy but they have the same eyes.

Also, a thought I had from my preious number crunching regarding Ardran and Eldhin's levels.
Since Fiends and Celestials aren't supposed to breed it is possible that their offspring would be unnaturally powerful, possiby mking them the only two Gestalt characters in the world. This would keep the within the normal levels for bothering to even have allies (ie. mid 20's rather than 30 or more. Aldran obviously went Wizard/Cleric, while Eldhin went Fighter/Cleric and started calling himself a Paladin.

Once again just thinking out loud, feel free to inore my crazy theories.
Liwen - 2009/1/8
I guess he'll be able to weasel his way out of hiding Aldran's existence, but we get demoted to the rank of cannon fodder for not tipping that errant boy.
kres - 2009/1/8
I think Zurie is going to get that sparing match sooner than she realizes
Hermit - 2009/1/8
Once more, sorry to double-post...

Why isn't the grand pu-bah of the Ivory Veil more... Ivory-y? Why not the Sapphire Veil? (Oh, right, The Sapphire Guard! Tongue Maybe Mr. Scruffy is the god-in-training!)
Hermit - 2009/1/8
Okay, a correction to my post on the last comic: Zurie has a love / stab / completely-screw-over thing for Eldhin.
Monty - 2009/1/8
I'm expecting him to say "I am Oz!" at some point now.
Lerky - 2009/1/8
THIS is a god I could get used to, the one with snarky comments.
Face of Evil - 2009/1/8
Ah. I guess that's what Aldran meant by "something worse."

"I will uphold the laws of my master and allow the world to see his ways.
Whether or not they request it.
Whether or not they refuse it."
Sirek - 2009/1/8
jest noticed author's comment. Nice work, Zarah!
dragongirl13 - 2009/1/8
Hmm, interesting. Big blue torches and glowing blue ellipse... hmm.

Heh, she says hi. Says hi by telling the big uber-guy that Eldhin didn't really kill Aldran... she seriously needs to figure out a better way of greeting someone.
Siosilvar - 2009/1/8
I had to verify that comment five times just to post it.
Siosilvar - 2009/1/8
Oh, and I think we Americans tip 15-20% in restaurants, if it helps.
Siosilvar - 2009/1/8
Do I sense a man behind that curtain? Tongue Okay, there's no curtain. But still, this reminds me of Oz.
Nick - 2009/1/8
Oooh, that devious Zurie.
Sirek - 2009/1/8
Second! Whoo!
Bob the ninja - 2009/1/8
wow. first post Very happy
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