The Encore

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/16 (Comics)

There's a couple other things that I've got to mention with today's update. First of which being the spam problem that we've recently encountered. I didn't even realize it until yesterday, but there's been quite a few spam comments popping up on random comics. I thought the security we had would have prevented it, but apparently there's some that slipped past. So just try to ignore them, and I'll do my best to delete them as they appear.

Secondly, after a generous donation, we decided to add BB code support in the comments. That's right, you can finally add some fancy formatting to your posts! There's still a couple bugs that we're aware of, and working to fix, but as long as you don't go overboard with it, then you shouldn't run into any trouble.

Here's a list of the code that we now support:








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Freako - 2008/10/19
Hmm... the quote tags didn't work for some reason. Let me try again:

Freako - 2008/10/18
“I thought this was her ship b4?

Or amI missing something here.”

Uh, no. It belongs to Finx, who took it from the wizard who owned it originally (whose soul is now bound to the ship as its "intelligence". I'm guessing the process did some damage to his sanity).
Crazed - 2008/10/18
Well, she wasn't with Aldran for a while, right?
Amaretto - 2008/10/18
I thought this was her ship b4?

Or amI missing something here.
moleytov - 2008/10/18
well whatever she falls on, she looks pretty beat up already... she'll be a-hurting hard before this act is through.
phoerix - 2008/10/17
I wonder if she's going to fall on the combatants, or Finx... Hmm
MTONinja - 2008/10/17
Poor Keriss.
Face of Evil - 2008/10/16
I'd be cranky too if I were a disembodied soul forcibly bonded to an airship. Wink
Knight13 - 2008/10/16
Keriss knows how to work the airship, but she didn't know about the trapdoor.
whiterandymoss - 2008/10/16
wow cranky airship
Memnarch - 2008/10/16
This reminds me quite strongly of da castle.

Very happy
brett - 2008/10/16
Faithless - 2008/10/16
Didn't Keriss know about the airship...she was on it?
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