Ineffective Roadblock

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/9 (Comics)

Well, at least Kaal is trying, right?

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Daran - 2008/10/13
Besides the Vampire Hunter is busy in a warehouse turning into a Vampire himself Wink
Amaretto - 2008/10/13
lol. If I was writing this comic, I'd so make that happen. Just because it'd be hilarious! Howvere, someone a lot more qualified and less lazy than me is writing this comic and he will probly think up a less stupid plot twist...

brent - 2008/10/12
But there's still room for a plot twist! It's not really lana beside kall! It's the vampire hunter in disguise!

Or am i grabbing at strings a little?
Tom - 2008/10/12
Good strip, but the title gives away the joke.
ET - 2008/10/12
Many have, and many have failed. Take a lokk in oots arts and crafts forum and you might find some.
Des - 2008/10/12
I really like anti-HEROES. I discovered it via a link in the OOTS Forums and now have it bookmarked right beside that comic. Has anyone else attempted to create a comic in Rich's style? Excellent work!
brent - 2008/10/11
OH SNAP! it's not a shell game anymore!
Doopliss - 2008/10/11
Stupid liches and their immunity to incorporeal touch attacks...
querzis - 2008/10/10
Correction, Eldhin doesnt seems to be a real pally but we have no evidence that the others arent. Hell, Eldhin is the only one who ever consorted with Finx so maybe thats because hes the only one who can.

And that was priceless. I really like Finx because hes a comic relief AND a dangerous villain at the same time.
Tanner - 2008/10/10
Oh, if they only knew the paly isint a paly

(btw, oots 600 coming up)!
kres - 2008/10/10
Finx smiling back at Kaal says it all... At least Kaal gave it a shot at the tough guy act! He must have a -10 initimidate to go along with that awesome body (or lack thereof)
Kat - 2008/10/10
Poor Kaal. Awesome comic
MTONinja - 2008/10/10
man so much for my 3 Lana fantasy... er uhm I mean I knew this was going to happen so yeah.. Wink

Kaal was great, he is a fabulous character.
WallisMcNorris - 2008/10/10
One question: Why the long gap between updates?
ET - 2008/10/10
Hehe, that was priceless Tongue
Tolangardh - 2008/10/9
It's been far too long since the ONE level-up! How will they ever fear the Magic Missiles if there is only ever one?
Sequinox - 2008/10/9
Love this comic. Kaal never gets old.
Forealms - 2008/10/9
Kaal seems to be ineffective, which is (crazy as it sounds) different for him (intentional or no).
Liwen - 2008/10/9
I believe Lana used the timely argument between Finx and his lacky to slip away in the darkness and is about to strike at Finx with the awesome power of magic missile.
phoerix - 2008/10/9
Perhaps Lana has a plan... And they go through him, maybe they are paladins, not all cleric-fighters
Knight13 - 2008/10/9
Where did Lana go in the last 3 panels?
Face of Evil - 2008/10/9
Curses! Foiled again!
Mechafox - 2008/10/9

Great comic, as usual.
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