Alter Egos

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/2 (Comics)

Another update on time?! What's this world coming to!

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Koyie - 2016/4/14
Lot of smarts in that poitnsg!
Amaretto - 2008/10/9
Wow..... Comic 118 has 80 comments....

That was the big dispute about whther Aldran has wings or not... I contributed a lot to the 80 lol.

So yeah, we are not getting too close yet...
Amaretto - 2008/10/9
It was over 70 methinks...... let em check
brent - 2008/10/8
anyone know what the max comments ever posted on one strip is cuz i think were getting close
Ludek - 2008/10/8
Just precious...
The Zergling one - 2008/10/7
HAHA nevermind, the joke didn't properly register before, he didn't take a bet with anyone. *facepalm* His idiocy is contagious.
The Zergling One - 2008/10/7
"kres - 2008/10/7
Wow Kaal grew legs!"

He grew more than legs xD. But seriously, what do you guys think that Kaal meant by winning by default?
Just call me "Vanguard" - 2008/10/7
Assuming someone sees this, (not likely) I gotta agree with Threeshades, Kaal has to little of an attention span to NOT smack one's self in the face, the other one (left) is going to KAAL for help.
kres - 2008/10/7
Wow Kaal grew legs!
Crazed - 2008/10/6
I think I agree with Threeshades.
Threeshades - 2008/10/6
I think the one on the right is the real one. The one on the left acts way too much like an "I have a plan" type.
While the right one looks more like a "Dammit, Kaal!" type
Gael - 2008/10/5
Am i the only one who notices in the 2nd to last panel that the left one looks confused while the one on the right looks pissed?

The new person would look confused and Lana would be pissed....
Amaretto - 2008/10/5
I want a new comic!!!!


Doopliss - 2008/10/5
Laris chatted Kaal up earlier on as suggested in Comic 102, and Lana used Kaal's name in Laris' presence a few times in the ensuing strips. Also, it's probable enough that he hid, put up an illusion, and then ran out.

He would have had to be quick, though. It doesn't seem like he'd have any other way of knowing than seeing Aldran fly across the sky, and Lana has a bit of a speed advantage due to bat-form. I don't really think Laris would get back in the game so quickly...
querzis - 2008/10/5
Sorry to blow another theory but...the vampire hunter didnt even knew about Kaal so he coudnt have talked to him first or put up an illusion so fast.

Its Finx and Lana. Big problem is, maybe Aldran can kill Finx easely. But even without illusion, Finx can kick their ass.
nidhogg - 2008/10/5
i think from left to right:
finx, kaal, vampire hunter
Moriarty - 2008/10/4
maybe all of them are kaal, he just lost control over his illusions!
brent - 2008/10/4
or maybe it's finx AND the vampire hunter!
brent - 2008/10/4
I like the vampire hunter Idea! now that would be interesting i forgot about him.
mockingbyrd7 - 2008/10/4
Perhaps they're both Lana and she's now a 3rd level wizard capable of casting Mirror Image. Very happy
dragonseth - 2008/10/4
I think the new one isn't Finx. It's the Vampire Hunter, now a Vampire, with an illusion up.
Methos - 2008/10/4
The real is the one on the right...right?
Slayah - 2008/10/4
Easy way to find out who's the real lana: get them all to cast magic missile. Lana's will have only one bolt while the other Lana will have more.
brent - 2008/10/4
true dat!
maybe an epic dispell magic would do it tho?
The Gremlin - 2008/10/4
This is weird...
Doopliss - 2008/10/4
Brent: I think he magicked it to stay up. At least, he can fly forward really fast without it blowing back, as was demonstrated by his dramatic entrance.

Dallas-Dakota: I think you're confusing Time Stop with an epic spell that pulls a copy of yourself from a couple of rounds into the future to help you. Though I still don't think it would result in copies of bystanders...
Darkclaw - 2008/10/4
It wouldn't make sense for Finx to look like Lana because Kaal was about to tell her where the others are anyway.
Dallas-Dakota - 2008/10/4
Awesome Zarah.

And I'm betting that its a copy of Lana due to the time zone, especially since it seems to be around the same panel, with the time line fitting due to the comments of the earlier lana.
Forealms - 2008/10/4
I'm betting the real Lana is on the left. The one on the right looks afraid of being discovered, you know?
brent - 2008/10/3
on a completely unrelated note: I bet aldran gets his hood knocked off while he's fighting Eldin.
Amaretto - 2008/10/3

Em........ Sure, he could.... except .....

wtf would he?

2 Lanas are a lot worse than 1 Lana to get info because 2 of them make it obvious that someone is tryign to get information...

It would ruin the whole cerdibility of the illusion!
fraud - 2008/10/3
YES! Win by defult Very happy
Kaal is hilarious! Glad to see we're seeing more of him. ^-^
querzis - 2008/10/3
That and what the hell would be the point of doing two Lanas? Finx aint that smart but hes not Kaal.
phoerix - 2008/10/3
I doubt that, I mean look at the last panel; the right Lana (and I do think its her) smacks her head, instead of trying to convince Kaal into giving up more information, or trick him. She's just struck by the mighty hand of idiocy, Kaal's that is.
Woodrot - 2008/10/3
Well, if it is Finx, both Lanas are probably him. He is an illusionist after all, so he could easily set this up. Plus the fact that both of them said the same exact thing is a bit suspicious.
brent - 2008/10/3
its a reverse shell game!
we have to find the shell without balls!
Doopliss - 2008/10/3
Shell game, huh? Maybe, if they were shifted around with teleportation spells, the one in the *middle* is the real Lana! Dun dun duhhhhhn.
brent - 2008/10/3
sorry maybe I should have translated that:

*sarcastic* well by haleys logic I guess that none of them are the real Lana!
Kobold-Bard - 2008/10/3
>>And now I really want to buy one of the Ivory Veil shirts...

I like Kaal, he makes me feel better about myself.
Kobold-Bard - 2008/10/3
>>And now I really want to buy one of the Ivory Veil shirts...
Icewalker - 2008/10/2
Dude! When did you make Anti-Heroes merchandise? I totally missed that!

And now I really want to buy one of the Ivory Veil shirts...
Darkdrake - 2008/10/2
i think its fairly likely that the one on the right is the real Lana

in addition to what we already know, she came in first, which would give Finx a chance to copy her
simon - 2008/10/2
so lanas invisible?
brent - 2008/10/2
well by haleys logic I guess that none of them are the real Lana!
"it's a shell game!"
Sequinox - 2008/10/2
Kaal is the awesomest moron in the world. There aren't a lot of people who would react that way... I know somebody who would!
Icewalker - 2008/10/2
Great comment from Kaal, definitely.
Amaretto - 2008/10/2
Yes, it is most certainly Finx..... Lana saying something like that doesn't seem right. The facepalm reaction is more appropriate, considering he knows Kaal. I really wasn't expecting that either! Kall always makes me laugh... lol. XD
Doopliss - 2008/10/2
Definitely doesn't sound like something Lana would say in that context.
the_Q - 2008/10/2
I think the left Lana is the false one (probably Finx, too) because of the "well THAT wasn't the result I was looking for, but I'll take it". That sounds like something Finx would say.
Face of Evil - 2008/10/2
"The two sweetest words in the English language!

Face of Evil - 2008/10/2
Oooh, this is an interesting twist.

Siosilvar - 2008/10/2

>I'll take a guess that the right Lana is the real one.<
Almost guaranteed, considering the facepalm reaction
Doopliss - 2008/10/2
Go Zarah! Very happy

So, is Kaal dumb enough to let the "roll with it" line slip? In the spirit of the comic, I'll take bets.
Cult of the Raven - 2008/10/2
continue putting up more comics!
Memnarch - 2008/10/2
I'll take a guess that the right Lana is the real one.
querzis - 2008/10/2
«...Wasnt quite the result I was looking for but I can roll with it.»

Yeah its definitly Finx. Kaal is there no end to your stupidity? I just like how he smile for no reason in the last panel.
MTONinja - 2008/10/2
Can't wait to see the result of this development.
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/10/2
I'll admit, I was NOT expecting that...
Woodrot - 2008/10/2
Whoa, what do we have here? Disguise self? Doppelganger? New, awesome vampire clone ability that Lana doesn't entirely have a hold of? Sure to be an interesting answer!
cookie - 2008/10/2
is that finx?? i want it to be finx! Can't believe I dont check this site for 3 days and there are 2 updates! You are a cheeky one, but because they are so awesome i may not hold it against you!
phoerix - 2008/10/2
Poor Lana, but good thinking Kaal, err, not thinking. Finx had a good plan there it looks like.
The Zergling One - 2008/10/2
Oh my god, did Kaal actually do something smart? I guess we'll find out soon enough.
Lira - 2008/10/2
I'm confused. XD
Lonna - 2008/10/2
Wait... what?
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