Who Needs a Door?

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/21 (Comics)

Another website update! We support smilies, all provided by our very own resident ghost, Kaal. You can either use notation from the Giantitp forums, or simply use your standard emotes as you would with symbols. It recognizes a few different variations of each emote, so you should be able to get one to show up one way or another. To see what emotes we offer, just click the help link under the white box where you post your comments.

Also, a few other links to interest you. A first preview of the new KotOR MMO from Bioware. Peter Molyneux talks about getting STDs in Fable II. And finally, a fun little flash game mixing constant survival and platforming.

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WJS - 2016/10/6
As I always say, don't ask a rhetorical question if you won't like the answer.
Keyon - 2016/4/14
A bit suespirrd it seems to simple and yet useful.
Rolas - 2014/3/13
Brilliant!! This is exactly what I was loiokng for. I like the default wordpress smileys and wanted to find a way to allow my visitors to use them in the comment box. I didn't like the other plugins so was excited when I found this sorry I get excited easily Thank you!
angelina - 2012/12/29
This comic is so good Very happy
Llamallord27 - 2009/6/10
Angry Annoyed Confused HappySad Sigh Tongue Very happy Wink Worried
I can does smilies!
mockingbyrd7 - 2008/10/25
WhatCouldBe - 2008/10/25
BTW, how do you do smilies?
Awesome comic.
WhatCouldBe - 2008/10/25
First ever post!
nidhogg - 2008/10/25
no new comic yet? :'(
dallas-dakota - 2008/10/25
*pokes Jordan*
It's saturday, I want mah update.....
Crazed - 2008/10/25
We made a conscious decision to not allow image tags for the moment, so rest assured that it wasn't an oversight on our part. Tongue
Slash - 2008/10/24
Hehe, point one for me.
Doopliss - 2008/10/24
Not much point until they allow IMG tags...
Amaretto - 2008/10/24
rofl. That ,ade me laugh too. But how about 1 smiley for all the other charceters?

Like Aldran with hood on, Keriss giving the "look", Lana doing something....

They could be accessed by writing :Lana or something.
Crazed - 2008/10/24
That made me laugh out loud several times, Doopliss. Congrats. Tongue
Doopliss - 2008/10/24
I took the liberty of whipping up some Aldran smileys. Very happy

Very Happy

I wonder if image BBCode tags work... I imagine not...
Kobold-Bard - 2008/10/24
1. Yay for smilies Very happy Tongue Confused
2. I've always had a soft spot for Meteor Swarm, so excellent choice of spell.
3. I was away from my computer for a few days and when I came back: 3 updates, so congrats on that.

That is all.
Crazed - 2008/10/23
It should be working fine now, Woodrot. I was editing some things earlier. Try it again? If it doesn't work, what browser and what version are you using?
Woodrot - 2008/10/23
Uhh...problem. I went to the format comment thing and when I got there, the smiley section was blank! Also, once there I couldn't get back to my comment! Please help!
(P.S. Please make Keriss smiley next so everyone will get to use "the look" on eachother)
Doopliss - 2008/10/23
I just realized, you might also want to take another look at your Author Comments. Wink
Doopliss - 2008/10/23
I suppose it works with the "Lana is fat" trend, though. You'd think an all-blood diet would burn some calories. Tongue
Jordan - 2008/10/23
“Jordan! We need clarification! Happy”

I meant "feathers," and you know, I just realized I had "features" up there. Annoyed I'll edit it shortly.

“will there be aldran smilies too?”

I hope that was a joke. Tongue

Also, regarding today's update. I was planning a double-issue, but between Far Cry 2 and midterms, there was no way I could get it done. I should have it ready for Saturday, though.
Amaretto - 2008/10/23

Kaal smilies!!! Very happy

will there be aldran smilies too?
Doopliss - 2008/10/23
That it does. Many thanks.
Crazed - 2008/10/23
Whoops. Should work now. Thanks for letting me know. Happy
Doopliss - 2008/10/23
Jordan! We need clarification! Happy

Incidentally, the Author's Comments button is broken for me. (Internet Explorer)
Crazed - 2008/10/23
Yep I am! Tongue

Also, I always assumed he meant "feathers"... in fact, that's what I thought was originally in the comic... hm.
Doopliss - 2008/10/23
I interpreted it as "You know, you don't have that many vampirey powers to sift through."

Also, I see Craze is patching up the BBCode/Smileys as he goes. Wink
Mordaris - 2008/10/23
So, is there a verdict? Did he mean 'features' or 'feathers'?
Doopliss - 2008/10/23
Since it worked, my last post sounds a bit sarcastic. I really was just testing...
Knight13 - 2008/10/22
Lana needs to learn how to turn into a Dire Bat, then she can get some serious Death From Above action going.
Doopliss - 2008/10/22
Huh... Maybe you have to do the code in lower-case?
Uncle Festy - 2008/10/22
… or, you know, not.
Uncle Festy - 2008/10/22
Sweet new comic. :amused:
So wait, the GitP forums BB code works here?
shaun of the dead - 2008/10/22
and my god all this talk about IP stuff hurts my brain Tongue
shaun of the dead - 2008/10/22
yaaay smilys Happy
Crazed - 2008/10/22
I could do that, and that may be well what I do in the interim, but I'll have to see how the specifics would work as far as safety.
Doopliss - 2008/10/22
What happens if you tie comment editability to the poster's IP address? Confused
Crazed - 2008/10/22
As Zarah mentioned before, he's been bugging me about forums for a while. While I don't think they're necessary at the moment, it probably is inevitable. However, I need to create my own solution for forum software so that it'll work best with our comments system and already-existing user authentication system. Obviously it's no small task, so it won't be happening for a while. Worried

However, every time I make something new (BBCode, smilies), a little piece of the new forum software comes in. So, actually, the forums are being worked on as we speak, in a sense. Tongue
Watchdog - 2008/10/22
Now that we have smilies, are we gonna get some forums soon?
Doopliss - 2008/10/22
Should I be surprised that both of them are sticking with direct damage instead of save-or-die spells?
MTONinja - 2008/10/22
*meteor Sigh
MTONinja - 2008/10/22
Metor Storm, Never the wrong answer to a question, rhetorical or not. Tongue luv the smiles!
Almanro - 2008/10/22
Awesome! ^^
Angel - 2008/10/22
"Rhetorical question" almost killed me Very happy
isn't he supposed to be cool guy, who won't complain?
PsychoP - 2008/10/22
Heh... If that was supposed to mean she is heavy AND in the same time remind her she is both caster and vampire, then that was really awesome pun Sigh)
Slash - 2008/10/21
Alright, it just sounded really strange to me when I read it.
Knight13 - 2008/10/21
It's a sarcastic comment, reminding Lana that vampires have a ton of special features, including the ability to turn into a couple of different flying forms.
Slash - 2008/10/21
Just an observation, is panel 6 supposed to say "...you aren't exactly stuffed with feathers, here..." or is the original a pun of sorts that i just dont understand?
Gruffel - 2008/10/21
Just adding a comment without having to login and REGISTER to just another frakking forum is supremely fantastic!
Also...I love this comic Happy
But just like OotS - you just have to add more strips more rapidly - like 50 at once and that like... um... twice a week Tongue
Icewalker - 2008/10/21
Kaal smilies! Awesome!



Also, rhetorical question. Nice.
Crazed - 2008/10/21
“As far as I know, it should work with most standard color names. Red, blue, yellow, green, etc.”

Right. In fact, there's a ton of colors that it supports. If you're uncomfortable with using hex color values, anything on this page should work just fine.

And Zarah's also right about the comments; I'd have to start from the beginning and redo a lot of stuff. It may be possible one day; it wouldn't be very hard, but I've been hoping to focus on some other things for a bit. Happy It could happen one day, though... but not anytime soon. Tongue
Jindra34 - 2008/10/21
Wait no laughing smiley? And i have to wonder who is more gold here Eldhin or Lana?
Monty - 2008/10/21
Wow, I usually don't literally "laugh out loud," but that punchline was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Amazing job on that one!
Moonchill - 2008/10/21
Hot damn. Thats some kick ass sword Eldhin's got there.

"Not really, no." :Very happy
Jordan - 2008/10/21
“could we get some sort of a post edit system working cuz I hate to double post”

As Crazed already mentioned, it's pretty much impossible to do with the current system. Basically, the way he explained it to me, is that we'd need to pretty much start over with new comment software so that users would actually have accounts here and such. I know it's kind of annoying, but hopefully we can work something out for the future.

I've been nagging Crazed for a forum for a while now too, but that's a different story. Tongue

“(does the colour text work with like blue 'n yello, etc)”

As far as I know, it should work with most standard color names. Red, blue, yellow, green, etc. I don't know the full extent of the list, so it might require some experimenting. I do believe it will accept hex codes as well, if you'd rather get specific in your coloring needs.
Crazed - 2008/10/21
“could we get some sort of a post edit system working ”

Sorry, that's not at all possible at the moment. Sad
Doopliss - 2008/10/21
Woo, Kaal smileys! Very happy

Lana has trouble concentrating on shapeshifting when falling at high speed? Tongue

Anyone still think Eldhin's got this fight made?
dallas-dakota - 2008/10/21
bret - 2008/10/21
could we get some sort of a post edit system working cuz I hate to double post ( does the colour text work with like blue 'n yello, etc)
Memnarch - 2008/10/21
He cut the anchor off! How they gonna use their DeM again? Tongue
Crazed - 2008/10/21
Haha, awesome. Very happy
bret - 2008/10/21
whao ninja'd
brent - 2008/10/21
Rhetorical question! lol
first comic in awhile that iv'e actualy laughed at
draconicgodking - 2008/10/21
and hahahahahaha
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