Hanging Around

posted by Jordan on 2008/10/19 (Comics)

Wow. A full week of updates on time. Must be end of the world or something...

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WJS - 2016/10/6
Couldn't she have cast that from the ground? She wouldn't even need a readied action, since you can cast Feather Fall as an immediate action.
Lana seems much more powerful than Andil
Well, she was presumably the same level at the start. Since then, she's gained a powerful template plus several levels, while he's been farting around getting lost in the mountains. It isn't really surprising that she isn't threatened by him.

Rita689 - 2011/3/3
Wait, did Lana grab Andil's hand there when she jumped off him? If so, shouldn't she have drained some of Andil's levels like she did that one time Finx's lackey got up on a soapbox?

Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/10/22
People, the code for text color is "[ color=blah ]text[ /color ]" without the spaces!

Piniu - 2008/10/21
Hmm... in the second and third panel Kaal look (thanks to the anchor) like he would really really RELLY much had a crush on Lana Wink

with a giant man-thing Very happy

Crazed - 2008/10/21
You people with the incomplete tags do realize they're not even being parsed, right? Tongue

fohawk dude - 2008/10/21
god lana's hairspray's worse then mine

Goblin Music - 2008/10/21
does Lana have paralyzing touch?

Mahkl - 2008/10/21
[color=red] yay

Doopliss - 2008/10/20
[colorequalsred]Yay for []bBBCode misfires![/color]

Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/10/20
grrr, didnts show. i meant [ /color ] sorry

Elena (aka Lionpawheart) - 2008/10/20
thats cause someone here put [/color=red] instead of [/color]. lolz

Ha - 2008/10/20
[color=black]Back to black now?

Amaretto - 2008/10/20
why is all the comments red???

Sequinox - 2008/10/20
[color=red] sweet... [/color=red]

Tolangardh - 2008/10/20
Maybe she used the hairspray on the hair on her legs to help her stay.


Myrdmar - 2008/10/20
"following up"
is another way to say right behind

Aaron - 2008/10/20
Nice lampshade on the hair... would have been a pain to redraw it Tongue

MTONinja - 2008/10/20
I love the line "can I summon one anyway?"
illisionary trampoline FTW!

Uncle Festy - 2008/10/20
"It's the end of the world as we know it…"

Advent - 2008/10/20
"Check it out, somethings following up the anchor."

...is it me or does this not make sense.

ET - 2008/10/20
Congrats sherlock, what a daring conclusion...

And the last week I have been positively surprised about the rate of updates. Happy

Knight13 - 2008/10/20
Actually, I think the comment about hairspray is why her hair appears to be defying gravity and is still in its normal position even though she's upside down.

Doopliss - 2008/10/19
I get to tell him. Very happy

Crazed - 2008/10/19
Congrats on getting back to a regular update schedule, Zara. We already have more than the entire month of September. Tongue

If you're a red-head, a blonde or brunette... take my advice and you might just get... the only thing better than hairspray... thaaaaat's me!

Doopliss - 2008/10/19
Looks like Lana is a vastly superior fighter to Andil, if he couldn't counter-attack Lana jumping off him. Also, does the dialogue mean Lana's somewhat gotten over the whole corpse-looting thing?

Wonder what happens if she uses bat form while stuck...

...And thank you so much for updating this so frequently. I really love this comic. Very happy

Memnarch - 2008/10/19
Must have got the hairspray on her legs while climbing up. Tongue

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