They Get Us All

posted by Jordan on 2009/7/27 (Comics)

Uploading a bit early again today. So it seems like I caught more people off guard than I expected to with the last comic, which is always good. I like to keep the fans on their toes and give them something unexpected. And that's exactly what I have in store.

The Valley of the Night mini-arc will be ending here really soon, and then we'll be moving on to see more of the Ivory Veil. Specifically, of two certain commanders who haven't had any time in the spotlight as of yet. Wink

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Brian H - 2009/8/2
It's nice to see the comic return to meta-game jokes and refrences. I had almost forgotten that it was upposed to take place in the D&D verse!
Red XIV - 2009/8/1
Somehow, Ellen, I don't think that would've worked any better.
Ellen Tigh - 2009/7/31
She should've used a seduction skill... but I guess Zarah doesn't know the Book of Erotic Fantasy well enough. Sad
it really doesn't matter... - 2009/7/28
well I'm glad I hadn't held true to my word and came back once I heard the ivory veil was back, they truly are my favorite part of the comic
Peregrine - 2009/7/28
very nice to see the comics back online, zarah! especially with the plot rolling so fast now.

i must say, Lana just doesn't have what it takes to intimidate...
Kazemi - 2009/7/28
I have used the threat of silencing someone before. It works especially well if your DM prevents the players themselves from talking while silenced.
Face of Evil - 2009/7/28
At the moment, there'd be no point to Lana escaping. Eldhin would just re-capture her, or even kill her. She needs a distraction.
Hurlbut - 2009/7/28
Actually there is no auto failure or succeed on skill checks unlike attack rolls; you don't fail on a 1, just whenever you fail to meet or exceed the skill check DC. So it's actually possible to buff your skill check high enough and still beat a high DC on a result of 1 on D20.
Zurpl - 2009/7/28
Holy crap! Regular updates! But seriously, she must've rolled a natural 1 on that intimidate check.
C.J. - 2009/7/28
Ha. Very intimidating, indeed. Tongue
Sirek - 2009/7/28
Another great comic. I wonder what the DC is...
Inkling - 2009/7/28
Awesome. Please hurry and post another! I'm pretty much dancing around, trying to keep myself busy until I find out what happens. I know. I have no life.
Querzis - 2009/7/28
...A low level NPC guard? Did you count the number of gold and red circle? This guy is probably Eldhin right hand or at least close to it. I mean we saw someone lower ranked (the druid) still being powerfull enough to kick Lana ass. Dont mess with the Ivory Veil.
Amaretto - 2009/7/28
Heh, good comic.

But can't Lana just morph into a bat whether or not her hands are tied behind her back?

Or, she could just try to escape. As a Rogue, she probably has a good chance, especially if she keeps trying every round. forget what the skill is called but you get my drift (Escape Artist maybe?).

Either way, it sees really easy for someone like Lana to beat a lowly NPC guard.
MTONinja - 2009/7/28
That last panel expresion is so full of win.
Tanner - 2009/7/28
Put a gag on her! I dare you.
Seros Senric - 2009/7/28
Wait, in the third last panel, it sounds like there's something about Lana dying in that prophecy....
rtg0922 - 2009/7/28
Heh, Lana's face in the last panel is the PERFECT Intimidate face. Or not. ;-P
Taker - 2009/7/28

Remind me never to piss of the Ivory Veil.
Malygoss - 2009/7/28
I love Veil efectivity, Eldhin's in particular.
Forealms - 2009/7/28
So there's more than just Eldhin in that hallway? This means that Lana REALLY failed her Spot check.
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