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Unbalanced Checkbook

posted by Chris on 2009/7/14 (Comics)

Zarah's working afternoons for a few days this week, so he asked me to get some filler up since he doesn't expect to get a comic out in that time.

In this installment of Anti-World, I tried to clarify some things about the Frank-in-a-jewel thing. The Mage tricked Frank into willingly entering a gem, which has now imprisioned him within its barriers... partially. There seemed to be some confusion about this in the last episode, so I hope that straightens things out.

The magical fish are an homage to my new marine aquarium, and the two clownfish and snail that live inside of it.

There may be another installment of Anti-World this Thursday, but from what I understand, there definitely should be a new Anti-Heroes on Saturday.

- Crazed

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