posted by Jordan on 2009/7/24 (Comics)

I think a lot of you already saw this coming, but here's to those of you who were actually surprised with this issue! It's kind of a shame that I have to kill off one of the nice bugbears, but hey. There are always casualties of war.

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RealityUnhinged - 2018/2/7
I was asking myself "how did she not notice him behind the bugbear?" Aside from Rule of Funny, the only explanation I could think of is, "I think I just failed a Spot Check..."

-RU Happy
Tanner - 2009/7/27
Am I the only one who hasent notesed that where close to #200?
Wakukee - 2009/7/27
Bah... bugbear, redshirt, what's the difference... actually, you should have had him in a red shirt all along! XD.
Peregrine - 2009/7/25
oh wow, yeah, what a way to get the plot started...
Miner - 2009/7/25
Bastard! he must die for that! Hmph, Eldhin needs to be eviscerated and turned into a bugbear's stew.
Forealms - 2009/7/25
@ Kareasint:

I guess I figured that, since he didn't exactly have the full Ivory Veil at his disposal, he would have to hunt down his brother the old-fashioned way.
Siosilvar - 2009/7/25
And here I was, expecting a bat or something.
Llamallord27 - 2009/7/25
noo!!!!! The bugbear!!!!!

Eldhin, you meanie-head!!!!
C.J. - 2009/7/25
I was just starting to like him, too. Tongue

Great punchline. Guess he was lying about "any direction".
Celtic209 - 2009/7/25
Lol. This one made me laugh Happy
Blakjak - 2009/7/25
Amaretto - 2009/7/25
Yay, good comic!
Nice to see this Antiheroes updating again. Happy
Anonymoose - 2009/7/25
It's the gnomes fault for not explaining everything all at once. By breaking it off until later, he ensured that:
A) The anti-HEROES have to flee.
B) The park is destroyed, or occupied by the forces of Pseudo-Goodness.
C) He bites it in the confusion.
D) All of the above.
It was inevitable the moment the exposition stopped.
Malygos - 2009/7/25
awesom... Finally Eldhin has Arived... I hope Zurie is nearby...
Tanner - 2009/7/25
Good kung-fu panda joke in panal 5 ( I love that movie) Happy
Kareasint - 2009/7/25
Well, unfortunately, the guard was not qualified for a "raise" yet.

There, I said it. I feel better.


Eldhin knew where his brother was from the information that Zurie gave him. A wizard with a Teleport spell is the method of transport.
Hremsfeld - 2009/7/25
The poor bugbear!!

I can see someone drawing him a memorial somewhere. If my drawing skills weren't horrendous (Yes, worse than almost-sticks) I'd do it myself, but.

A bit tough, even for a vampire, to spot someone through someone else, though. But still, the poor thing! DX
Querzis - 2009/7/25
I really like how Eldhin is actually disapointed that the bugbear didnt dodge that.

For a vampire, Lana sure as awfull spot check.
Forealms - 2009/7/25
...Holy crap. I would have given Eldhin another few weeks to find them, at minimum.
Silvo - 2009/7/25
Hilarious!!! Very happy
Red XIV - 2009/7/25
“I was definitely surprised. Not necessarily by the "stabbed from behind" thing, that being required by the laws of comedy, but more by who did the stabbing.”

This. I didn't expect Eldhin to arrive so quickly.
Commisar Va'lis - 2009/7/24
Awesome... Just pure awesomeness. ^_^
Sirek - 2009/7/24
Holy Sheeple! I didn't see that coming, at all (no sarcasm).
Face of Evil - 2009/7/24
Holy sheet! Worried
Kpenguin - 2009/7/24
What a tweest!
Zend - 2009/7/24
INUH - 2009/7/24
I was definitely surprised. Not necessarily by the "stabbed from behind" thing, that being required by the laws of comedy, but more by who did the stabbing.
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