Anti-World #4: Quality Control

posted by Chris on 2009/7/16 (Comics)

Wow, another Anti-World so soon? Yeah. As I said, Zarah's still too busy to make one until (probably) Saturday.

As anyone who has read Tuesday's comments can guess, this comic is a direct response to the criticism that Anti-World is too bright. I'm a pretty easy going guy; I don't mind constructive criticism (as long as the critic is nice about it). So, here's a "thank you" for giving me an idea for a comic that pokes some fun at the previous Anti-World and takes a chance to fix a few things.

Also, halfway through making the comic, I noticed that the hallway kind of looks like Cloud City in Star Wars, so I threw in a joke towards the end about the changes in the Special Edition to Cloud City.

- Crazed

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Llamallord27 - 2009/7/19
aww, still no antiheroes.
Not that anti-world isn't good, but still...
Crazed - 2009/7/18

// That Captcha Code is horrible, i would like to register than fill that stupidity again and again.”

I'm sorry, but that's how it has to be - and it's a mite better than other CAPTCHAs I've seen, anyway. Worried

Besides, after you post multiple comments, it should recognize you as a verified user and you won't have to type it in unless you clear your cookies.
lefiath - 2009/7/18
I'll be paitiently waiting Happy

// That Captcha Code is horrible, i would like to register than fill that stupidity again and again.
Guardiaan_Angel - 2009/7/18
I also think that the mages mask isnt a mask really. Look at the way it shapes when he talks or something. It shapes just as the eyebrows of the other characters...
Danelsan - 2009/7/17
Heh. A funny one, but hopefully we'll get the Anti-heroes back soon.

By the way, took me a while to notice that the mage has "traffic light eyes" ^_^
dragongirl13 - 2009/7/16
Hehehe. Nice. The last panel was pretty funny... "We also docked your pay! I knew you wouldn't mind, right?" Yes, ghost in a suit, he would mind, because pretty much anyone would mind. Then again, what real use does money HAVE when you're a ghost?

I really like the new look of Anti-World. Happy
C.J. - 2009/7/16
Oh, never mind. I see they did that last issue too.
C.J. - 2009/7/16
Hey, the mage's eyes changed color. Significant? ...A swap in the dark?
Kazemi - 2009/7/16
lol I've always wondered what the mage was. It seems that he's just wearing a mask. I like him and Frank. Speaking of them, are these guys ever going to be added on to the Cast page?
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