Three Coins Out

posted by A on 2012/8/31 (Comics)

A diversion? Or a cunning TRAP! Who's to say? What perils lie ahead for our side characters? How much money DOES that little man have? And does he still expect the Bugbear maid to provide her own lemon pledge? These questions, and more, on the next, anti-Heroes

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WJS - 2016/10/12
Yeah, I'm pretty sure most people would, at this point, be thinking "Ah, so we're finally getting back to the main plot, then." Unless they forgot about Aldran telling him to get that ship before their trip to Tydaris.
Night Templar - 2012/9/5
Alexandus: This guy is pretty close to a main character. He's among the more important people.
Alexandus - 2012/9/5
Sigh. The previous bits with the anti-anti-hero party was amusing and mildly interesting, but now I have no idea who these characters are. Filler is an often necessary aspect of media, but I highly recommend using main characters for that filler - the necromancer's day off, for example, would be hilarious. Anyway, I love the original anti-heroes series, hope it gets back to its roots.
krestof - 2012/9/4
small suggestion.. I just think the platinum coins should be a lot lighter in color. And appear shiny! Somehow... Cause to me, they really reminded me more of rocks than coins.
Edd - 2012/9/4
@leaking pen2
Thanks for the coin info. I should have known that.

leaking pen2 - 2012/9/3
30 gold is also 3 plat, in most D and D systems. Those are platinum coins.

and, she doesn't look manly to me, but I can get where you would see that. My specific description was, "Jersey shore reject with orange skin and fried blonde hair. " I for one think she fits that perfectly, yes no? I think the masculine thing is from her eyes being higher than most women. That would be the D and D version of botox at work.
Edd - 2012/9/3
I wouldn't trust a person with a monobrow that looks just like their smile. But then again I wouldn't pay with gold coins that are Grey.

Hmm, yea the person does look like a male in the last panel. And I have no clue why since the simplified art leaves very little room for conjecture. Eh, whatever.
Locnil - 2012/8/31

Was it also your intent to make e look like a guy in drag? Though, to be fair, that was only really in the last panel.
leakingpen - 2012/8/31
Her hair is badly bleached and straightened. Your reaction is exactly our intent! (so, thanks for the compliment!)
Mad Lemmey - 2012/8/31

Since it seams to be that sort of day!
Nice comic lads, well done chaps!
Tatsu - 2012/8/31
Yay Comic! (Also, jokingly second)
Me - 2012/8/31
First! Nah, I'm joking. Sorry for that.

I love the "suddenly eyebrows" thing in the last panel. But I don't really like the hairstyle the girl has. I think that maybe a reflection or some lines would make it better.
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